Hot Portfolio Manager

Miss Roch Decter is back!

Just saw her on BNN (business news network).

she is not yet even in her 30s and already managing and fund and outperforming the market on a 3 year basis.

More about her:

what a classy babe!!!

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Did you send her your “resume”?

Ha She works directly across the street from me…according to the website, isn’t she just an Investment Analyst - not a PM?

Her facial expression looks moronic. In general not a fan of her look.

  1. Horse face 2) Looks confused in pic and is clearly uncomfortable the way she is posed I would rate her as above average but no where near “hot.”

Not a natural blonde. Still, very cute and certainly smart. I’m concerned that she’s hiding a monster sized ass. I need to see bikini shots before I can be certain. Aside from that, she is too old for me. Maybe I’ll mate with her daughter.

thanks Wendy for posting her appearance on BNN. its not just looks, but brains…but she does sort of talk funny though…definitely huggable…want to run down some balance sheets with her to see if there are any hidden assets… Palantir, I don’t think she would ever consider working with me, she can hire a BSD (12 inches plus)…i’m at best with 3 pills of viagra just an average sized d…

^When the clip started I thought maybe I’d been wrong and she is attractive. But then she start talking and she has “up speak” where she ends her sentences with a rising tone as if it’s a question. Also, there’s just something off about her face. But I will say above average, so that’s nice I guess.

Maybe not TV hot, but pretty good for a real life person.

she will be a star…

The video is definitely better than the first pic. I can see why people would like her. She doesn’t really do it for me - I was never into the thin-lipped over glossed blonde type - though I’ll admit that if I suddenly woke up one day and discovered I’d gone home with her without knowing it, I would not necessarily be unhappy. I do realize I’m getting old though. You start to see it when people talk or pose with extreme confidence, but you don’t see the body language or hear the vocal sound that backs up the confidence. It feels like she’s play-acting her confidence more than truly projecting it. But I agree that she is likely to do well and go far as she grows into her role.

Would you take a “top down” or “bottom approach”…?

I’d hit it. For some reason, my office refuses to hire anyone that is remotely attractive

I couldn’t watch the whole thing because of this. Brutal

you think she is married?

a big ass is turn off ? lol more cushion for the pushing plus as long as she has a flat tummy im in …the high up talk is a cause for concern but i do love the overbite …verdict i would hit repeatedly but dont think i could commit

She’s an above-average looking girl with a great haircut. However, I suspect that her career success is mostly unrelated to her appearance. And more related to being the daughter of the CEO. *MEOW*

up speak is the canadian tendency to speak with inflection. Americans (i’m one) don’t speak with inflection. CEO’s daughter? I’m in love.

very likely her dad helped her get the role…not too many young grads under 30 get to actually manage a portfolio…they’re out there, but its rare from what I have seen… you’re right, that is an awesome haircut… we had this CEO guy at another firm before who tried to get his daughter a job here … certainly helps to have ppl pull strings for you