How am I supposed to read all this??

Oh I know it’s way to early to be losing it but how am I going to find the time to read all fo the Institute books and Stalla notes, and watch Stalla lectures and do passmaster? Each chapter in the institute books (which are actually really good so far) is about 150 pages… that takes me 5 days to read… then we have Stalla notes - let’s say one day per each session and then the lectures and passmaster? Do I need to give up sleep? Something has got to give! Any ideas? How are you guys preparing?? Help!! Please!!!

I don’t sleep.

Your sister Anita Pass did it all.

+2 for joey

Isn’t Stalla AND CFAI overkill? It’s hard enough just getting thru CFAI.

Do Stalla and supplement with (selected) CFAI readings if you are trying to maximize your passing probability per time spent. Do CFAI books and review with Stalla notes if you are trying to maximize your information exposure. Try a study session with cousin Ahavta…

I had an introductory CFA Level III lecture this week and the instructor, to my great delight, said (almost verbatim): “if you’re thinking you have to read all the CFAI and Schweser books between now and June, you don’t. Use the reading materials to support what we do in class. If you’re comfortable on a section, skip all the reading and just do questions.”

thanks guys, will stick with Stalla for now and supplement with CFAI where necessary. bchadwick who is cousin Ahavta? I’m scared to ask…

Ahavta Pass? He’s been hanging out with Anita a lot (maybe something is going on there!)

Ohh boy I"m glad I"m not doing level 3 now…you guys are too stressed and it makes me think about this whole CFA process. Btw the Schweser and Stalla notebooks brings back some sad sad memories…ohhh boy I was looking forward to summer forever. Yes, yes, those were the days!

I barely made it through the 2,500 pages or whatever the hell the number was of L3 material. I can’t imagine adding a study course to that unless you don’t have a job and have tons of time on your hands.

i have just finished reading the cfai material … phew … kidding :slight_smile:

hehe I get it… just a bit slow. Ahavta…hehehe Iwona is my real name believe it or not hehe… figure out which country I was born in and you get a price! and yes English is my second language, next to German, French and Norwegian… ok enough about touting my own horn… back to IPS… oh!

Hey Iwona! It’s good to see you on here. I’m having the same troubles as you but I’m using Schweser instead of Stalla. I wish I could go through both but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. At least the weather sucks again so we won’t feel like we’re missing out on any fun…

Iwona … Polish? Maciej

hey Maciej Milo slyszec ze jestes tez z Polski. you’re obviously in US now right? live in Pittsburg I take it?

Sorry, my name is not really Maciej, though Maciej works for me … in Dallas. Figured if I threw that in it would help. Irony is, I was born in Pittsburgh. Your name pronounced EE-VAH-NAH, right? So what’s the translation of the Polish phrase? Bill (Boleslaw or Wilhelm, right?)

hehe glad that “Maciej” works for you… ladies in Dallas must love it. I guess if you’re not Polish you will never know what that phrase meant… sooorrryyyyyyyyyy heheehe

Iwona, my pun was not intended to be unkind or at your expense. My apologies if it came across that way (though it sounds like you enjoyed it too). It’s true that there’s a lot of reading (though it seems more manageable than the books they sent me at L1).

bchadwick it’s all good… and quite funny !!! We will need your sense of humor through these dry readings so keep it up!