How are you guys progressing?

I feel that I am slow and lagging and any advise or motivational speach would be appreciated.

I will finish reading Quant, FRA and Equity by end of this week. (Just reading means understanding concepts but no practice problems, or memorizing equations or anything like that) .

I am planning to spare few days after that to revise the concepts, write down some notes and formulas and problem solving… may be a week do to all these.

What about you guys? What should I do to catch up?

I’ve read and done the EOC questions for Quant, Econ, FRA and about 70% of Corp Finance. I want to be done with all of the readings and EOC questions by April 25, so I’ll have 6 weeks to review and practice. Only thing you can do is study more as time passes. You shouldn’t start all out anyway as you may burn out. Better to build your endurance and increase your study pace as you get closer to the exam. I recommend tracking your actual study hours and setting a goal per day/week as this has helped me become more accountable.

I’m doing the curriculum in order and currently half way through R37. I plan on being finished the readings by about April 10th leaving almost two months for review.

For you I would suggest doing the EOC’s after each Reading. Or at least after each topic section. You’re not going to remember squat if you don’t.

I agree with kjames05, you should finish readings and do EOC as well as topic assessments on CFAI’s website. That helps you remember better what you’ve read.

I’m also doing topics in order and just finish Alternative investments. However, I must spent some time to practice Ethic, Quant and FRA which I feel not so sure.

Good luck!

You guys need to step it up.

I have finished all books except Ethics (Elan’s notes/videos and EOC questions with selective BB) once. I’m on my second round reviewing from Elan’s guides (this time with flashcards and my own notes written in margin) and also redoing all of EOC questions. I have finished Corp Finance, Econ, Stats, Equity, and almost done with FRA. I plan to finish my second round and Ethics by the end of March, which will give me 8~10 wks to devote 100% of my time doing mocks/practice questions and weak area drill.

And I wish I had more time.

You will always wish you had more time.

I’m guessing your doing the Schweser readings given your banner, if this is the case I didn’t see you list the CFA text EOC questions in your approach - these are a must do for all of them. Also 8 to 10 weeks to review/drill is a lot - I got through with 6 weeks (while working) so you have a lot of flex time there if you get stuck on something - just try to do as many of the practice/mock tests as you can from Schweser and the CFAI - I did about 10 practice/mocks in total. Really drill the note cards too (I made about 700 note cards - it worked for me) and just kept on drilling them up to test day.

I have finished Schweser (all note booksand q bank) once.Currently i am doing EOCs from CFAI text.I plan to take my 1st mock somewhere around 15 th March.

wow… now I need some Chamomile tea indecision

how much has FRA changed from last year? anyone has any idea? is it ok if I use my notes from last year to prepare for this year’s exams? I failed band 10 last year :frowning:

Read all CFAI Books and read all ELAN Books and did all practice questions for both.

Now, its time for mass memorization of formulas

Just curious if you guys know approximately how many hours you will have total by June? I started studying in January and I’m on track to have 400 hours of study time.

For as much complaining as you have done regarding Elan’s services, one would think you were just getting started with the curriculum. Seems like you are progressing along much quicker than the majority of us are…quite amazing actually.

For me, I am finishing up fixed income now and have derivatives and PM left to go before I complete my first pass. Hopefully I can get done by the end of the first week in March. Then im going to try to sneak in one more pass by the end of April before the full bore review the month of May.

109 days left…damn.

I dont use Schweser for Level II, mainly just Elan’s and CFAI EOCs.

By June, I think I will have around 400~450 hours. However, I would totally discount that by 20-30% since I wasnt always 100% focused during all of those hours so 300~350 effective hours.

I would discount the 400-450 hours even more if you study through the end of June… you’ll be about 3 weeks late for the exam if you do study that deep into the month and would’ve wasted the entire time spent studying… :slight_smile:

I paid for Elan video and I can’t get access to the video and get get any one to communicate with. Who are these people at. I am very disappointed in their services

I paid for Elan video and I can’t get access to the video and get get any one to communicate with. Who are these people at. I am very disappointed in their services

How do you rate Elan’s Practice Questions? Are they worth buying in addition to training on the CFAI EOC?

You guy have already read through everything. Wow. I was proud of myself for just finishing FRA and Derivatives. I know them inside out though.

Havent touched anything else. Just learned a month ago I passed level 1 though.

Wow! I’ve done FRA (read twice and did all answers and an additional 200 practice questions), Corfin, Ethics, Quant, Econ

Thats it… Looks like I am way behind most of you…

Hey Sachin,

Just to make you feel better, I have just read a few topics of Ethics and Economics excluding practice questions. You are in a better position than i am.

But based on my friends’ experiences who have cleared all 3 levels in first shot, I can say that if you will be able to put good 10-12 hours a day even for 1-1.5 months, you will succeed.

Because this is always the case with employed people, who manage preparations in time crunches.

All the best!