How are you investing your bonus?

I will probably buy stock index funds… not sure which ones though. Either US or emerging markets.

looking at as many things as I can at the moment, but it will be a stock.

One stock?

maybe 2 at most…not going to diversify away my efforts…

I’m thinking I’ll go large on a number 9 combo meal instead of medium.

I’m investing it in some pleasures

25% to invest, 25% to the wife’s student loan (arrggghhh), 50% towards the “buy a house once home value start falling fund”

real assets, i.e. elective surgery for the wife.

Upgrading to Bud Light Platinum.

Haha - nice. Can you put a lien on those in case you need to separate?

I got crunked off of those yesterday. Glad they weren’t around during my undergrad years.

Is it beer or the latest version of zima?

-Spinning rims for my hooptie -Subs + Amp -Coupla buckets of chicken -Blunts and 40s

how can you drink 40s? that’s garbage. i use to drink it when i was a kid cause it was cheap and got you fked up…but you’re an adult now…classy babes like wine…

Frankie I’m not a high rollar like yourself. I drink cheap beer to get drunk fast. Otherwise I just don’t drink. I have not warmed up to dark or expensive beer. Kidding about most of dat crap. I wish my bonus was big enough to afforrd the bottom 2.

Probably something boring like paying down some debt. I would buy a stock if I was a baller like Frank.

i shove all my money in stocks, don’t have a girl, car, none of that… but you do what you gotta do to get the classy babes…haven’t you guys learned from Don Draper how to be a cool guy? that Joan is smoking hot…

In my case, as I’m getting older a pervert side of me is flourishing for reasons I don’t fully understand, so I’m going to fly six 18-year old babes from six continents to organize an o_rgy for the ages. Not an ordinary o_rgy, but so crazy that the ancient Romans would be proud of me. The fine print on the application form will include a note: “if you’re 19, you’re too f_(expletive) old to apply”.

IEV for president. Let’s go to Vegas IEV a guy I know can get ukrainian’s for two hundo an hour. They’re legit.

40% investing in a couple ETFs in my TFSA 50% in my checkings account to help soften the blow of moving downtown and enjoy more nights out/boozing 10% highly speculative investing this is all actually relates to my tax refund (I still have tax credits from Uni)…my bonus will be spent in a week or two of doing the bare minimum