how can i become the man ?

in usa how much can you become a pick up arttist ? one of the reasons that help me to move to america is meeting a lot of girls, but in finance who knows stuff ? will it help me ? i am trying the mystery method, has anyone attended pua style workshops ? i can work on my accent.

Gabe, don’t take AF V3.0 as an opportunity to start making duplicate accounts again. You’re too obvious.

There really should be a minimum AF point count before someone is allowed to start topics in WC.

Haha , I only do Indian Bodybuilders . This isn’t my type but thanks for the honorable mention.

To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man. So, go to the hottest club in town tonight and find the bro who’s pulling the dimes and beat the piss out of him.

You need to get the moniesss, then you will get the babez.

Can we sticky this?

Get abs like SRK. Then the womenz will swoon all over you.

$50 is suffice

Yes, it is. Queue the PM from you saying that it is actually you and you’re just fooling around…

^ Haha

+1. A wise lawyer once told a group of men the same thing about minimum security prisons. The key is to kick someone’s ass the first day, or be someone’s b*tch

Take notes:

[video: autoplay:1]

You too?

hahaha that my new haricut video is hilarious!!! i forgot about that from back in the day, thanks for posting!

@OP - If you wanna BE the man, you gotta BEAT the man.

Wooooooooo! [holds four fingers up]

I’m a former PUG. If you want to pull the HBs, just let me know. I specialize in M3 model and negs. Direct game is for creeps!

You need to stand out from the crowd (dress like a peacock), make sure you understand IOI, throw out some negs and never put the p***y on a pedestal. Good luck.

haha nice! I assume this entire thread is a reference to “the Game” by neil strauss