How do you (physically) study?

Just curious as to what your preference is when studying. Personally, I lock myself in a room, cozy up with hoodie and ipod, try to cover all clocks and page numbers and go until I’m bored (usually 1 1/2 hours). Then I get up, go do something else for a while, and repeat. Anyone have more creative study routines? How do you keep it fun (as though there were a way)? Ideas I have had include: 1. foot bath/massager from brookstone, 2. invent neck harness that hangs from ceiling to hold head up, 3. hire someone to slap me every time I daydream.

I usually go to the coffee shop a block away from my place since it’s next to a Uni, it’s full of eye candy so I don’t feel isolated. Let’s just say my iphone has approx 5000 songs and i think i’ve heard them all multiple times.

I am available for hire for the third one

I tend to study better when I’m not completely isolated. If I’m at home alone, especially with my laptop or my bed, I tend to get demotivated very easily. I like libraries, coffee shops, even pubs.

I go to some dingy college library. The less distractions, the better. I derail very easily…hell last night I spent more hrs on Black Ops than I did on FSA.

I come back to office in late eveneing often and weekends to study. My office and home are very near ( around 10 min drive). I can concenterate better when i am alone.

Weeknights I study in front of the TV, because its the only warm room with a fire in the house!! Weekend go lone wolf on my own in another room. Lots of breaks, lift weights, anything that involves physical exercise, and lots and lots of coffee

I usually hit up a coffee shop (Starbucks) because it is the perfect amount of noise. Something about studying in a really, really quiet atmosphere disturbs me! I also drink an insane amount of coffee and try to workout or watch tv on breaks.

all alone in my office. no sound. no music. door closed. go away. natural light preferable.

If you have a monster/coffee in your hand and imagining level2 beast coming at you (desperation and necessity) then you will study w concentration, doesn’t matter where you are at.

Going to the dungeon in the college library. Nothing makes it easier to concentrate than completely dead silence

i say dont fight your creative mind…daydreaming is a very healthy activity. u deserve happiness!

Allan, I’m starting to get hooked on Black Ops as well. I tend to sacrifice a quick 30 min of sleep so I can go online and get my ass kicked by obese 12 year olds.

I study at Borders every night. I hope it’s not one of the 200 that’s about to be closed.

Do you guys listen to music while studying? I feel like it probably decreases the ability to retain everything you read, but it keeps me studying for longer. I’m a little disappointed we haven’t had any crazy study stories yet. Sometimes I wonder if it’s at any extent possible to study while sleeping, like in a lucid dream… Inception style. You’d get an extra 6 hours of studying a day!

I usually sit on the toilet for an hour or so with my books

I listen to music. In all honestly, it zones me out or else I get easily distracted.

Lock up in the room. Read for 20 minutes, play darts for 5 minutes and coffee every 90 minutes. Following this schedule at home for a year now.

I study for an hour and an half…I check hot girls on the internet. Friends of friends on facebook maybe…Then I say to myself “if i want these girls, I must achieve something first”". I feel motivated to study again.

AllanC Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I go to some dingy college library. The less > distractions, the better. I derail very > easily…hell last night I spent more hrs on Black > Ops than I did on FSA. Zombies on Black Ops always wins over CFA if I study at home.