How do you tell your boss he's a ***k

Boss agreed to give me tomorrow off but has been dragging his feet to get a a bunch of projects done that all conveniently gathered up to tomorrow for me to finish up. He’s known about this forever, and even though he gets a ton of value from me taking this test and having additional knowledge, ideas, etc. my studying has been nothing but an inconvenience. I was up until 2am last night studying and now he’s going to be keeping me late tonight.

Feel free to add your hate your boss stories

Angry tired rant over

I assume your boss did not earn the charter. Hence, he wouldn’t necessarily be “happy” if someone working below him got it.

My boss rocks, i took the whole week off. He earned his charter and his understanding and supportive. But as tozerrt said, i believe he didnt earn his charter and he’s afraid you would?

You tell him he’s a ***k on your way out the door to a better job

slap him with ur charter

he’s got a phd in economics from a very prestigious school. I’d happily trade letters with him assuming I earn the charter.

claritas> phd econ

Just go home “sick” and don’t come back until Monday. Better to apologize than to ask for permission.

I felt resentment from my old boss because he failed level 1 twice, and here I am on level three. During level two he gave me BS work like making proceedurs for stupid processes, thank god I left that job.

just rub it in his face once you get your charter, best way to tell him he is basicly…nothing, overvaled, buy a credit default swap on his debt/life, cant think of anymore witty CFA jokes.

I feel your pain but at the end of the day your boss is giving you a paycheck while you’re handing a cheque to the CFAI to have the honor to take their exams.

Second that… unless if your firm will literally collapse if you don’t finish the project, just leave on time and turn your f***ing phone off tomorrow until Saturday evening. You only get 1 shot at L3 this year… you can always get another job if he fires you (worst case) but you cannot get back the time you’ve wasted the last few months because you were too much of a p***sy to stand up to your boss and you fail the exam because of this BS.

Also see:

Ive had similar difficulty with my boss. totally not supportive. phone and email have been off the last 3 days. so nice to have some space.

Some stories from past bosses:

threatened to kill us all, in detail

pointed a loaded gun at one of my fellow coworkers

threw a can full of soda at one guy for his phone ringing during a meeting

manipulated/hardcoded numbers on our monthly commission spreadsheet print outs and hoped we didn’t notice

Most of those were from one guy. After I left, he got promoted to general manager, making really decent money.

And ya’ll wouldn’t believe the stories about the past co-workers I had. HAHA

As for your situation, the work will always be there. My economics professor said, we do what we do, because we have nothing else better to do. If you feel that study time is necessary, tell him straight up. People mess with you because they know they can mess with you.

you worked as a bouncer in Harlem?

pointing a loaded gun at a coworker? are you sure? That’s go-to-jail criminal stuff

this is the most important thing for anyone to learn in life. It took me a long time to figure it out but it has been liberating ever since.

telling it like it is my man…i love straight shooters

now that I think about it, there may have not been a round in the chamber, but it was a real gun that he carried concealed in his briefcase. I’m overly safe with guns; I assume every gun is loaded and even if I did unload it, I would still never point it at myself or anyone else so I jump to that conclusion.

It was criminal, and this will sound very stupid but we settled everything on our own and never talked to the police. No one ever got seriously injured but I’m thrilled I’m away from that attitude/culture (FT, I was selling cars). It was interesting though, despite all that, we’d still go hang out with each other’s families, even after working 50-60+ hours a week, was something else.

Leave a heap of steaming sh!t on his desk when he’s not looking. Or, do it in front of him if you really want to spite that mofo.