How does it feel to be a charterholder?

Congratulations to all the new charterholders!

Regards, L3Crucifier, CFA

You got a CFA charter? You didn’t earn that, someone else did.

Goddamn. 4yrs of work, sacrifice, blood and guts


Iteracom, CFA

^ Yea, probably my wife earned it more than me… for being through this (struggle) with me

Congrats guys, I failed band 8 in my first attempt at L3 - hope to be in your shoes this time next year.

Is it as sweet as I imagine?

It feels lovely!


just logged in to see if the Sept 5 idea was correct… WoO HOO! DoubleDip, CFA!!! it is an awesome feeling. Congratulations everyone!

Done!!! Feels so good!!!

frankz888, CFA

Yes, a charterholder now!

Congratulations everyone, the hardwork paid-off.

Congrats to all. I got my name in

^ That’s still only updated for 2011 charterholders and I don’t see my name in there.

I think I speak for everyone when I say, bout friggin time lol\

Congrats everyone. What a ride.

Click “See the new charterholders”; Type your name; GO

I don’t see my name. It still has the 2011 charterholders.

negative! The new charterholders are from 2011. I searched for few names I know (my friends) who became charterholders in 2011. Noone from 2012!

yup, no one from 2012 yet. i guess thats the next thing im waiting for.

doesntmatter though, got letters

yeah they won’t update that until next year

It rocks!

Thanks all for helping.

Any news about “Janakisri”??? s/he helped us a lot.

NYSSA still hasn’t approved my application! They said that I would get the invoice tomorrow. Once I pay them and the CFA Instiute, do you think I’ll get my letters quickly? Or do you think I’m going to have to wait another month?

Congrats to all.