How hard is it for a Kuwaiti with my CV to find a job in Canada?


I going to pursue an MSC in Finance at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. By the time I graduate, I will hopefully look like this:

1- Passed all 3 CFA exams

2- My transcript will have almost all A’s

3- 1.5 Years back office experience

4- Maybe I’ll win a competition or something (let me know if this matters in scoring a job)

5- My english is pretty solid

6- I have an 11 on me. Just kidding, around ~7, (2 inch STD)

Will I be able to score a good entry level job in finance in Canada? I looked online and they all seem to require at least 3 years experience and a 2 inch wide rectum :S

Canada is so lucky to have you as a new contributor to the enrichment of society.

Once you land here you will figure out how good is your English. No Canadian experience? 0 experience. Now you start… from there … Just telling you the reality.

I understand that I will be having virtually 0 experience, that is why I am looking for an entry-level job. Any chance getting in one of those?

soumission, it is good for a society to have an A student with 7 inchs, no? And its not even 7 inches, maybe 7 cm, so don’t feel threatened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait is this 7 inches thing an ESL issue, or is it what it sounds like?

Anyway, the best predictor here will be your career office at the university. Ask them for employment statistics: percentage of graduates with full time jobs after 6 months, salaries, type of job, and how they got the jobs.

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You will have a very difficult time, vancouver is very populated and has a highly educated workforce and to top it off a small finance sector. UBC and SFU kick out over 150 masters of econ every year and most thoose kids couldnt find co op placements through the program at SFU (a professor of mine mentioned this to me). If you dont have a recognizable undergrad also most of your peers with win job offers over you.

I call troll. At least I hope it’s a troll. Either way, the troll or legitimate poster both have little chance of getting even an entry level job.

Okay…Clearly I will have low chances in Vancouver, but what about other cities in Canada? The reason I am leaving Kuwait to pursue a master’s degree in Canada is that I want to stay as far as I can from Kuwait, and I thought the masters degree will work as a birdge that will help me access careers in Canada. I chose Canada because it seems to me that she is the most lenient when it comes to immigration so I thought my best shot lays there. Now lets assume I fail to score a decent job in Canada, will this assumed bridge of mine help me get anywhere else that is far from Kuwait? China maybe? I love Kuwait, but the 5 years I spent in the States during college made it very hard for me to accept the mentality in the arab world in general.

Cole_123 I got my B.S. in Finance from Penn State, which is a recognizable school, for molestation atleast. So I might have some chance you say?

Penn State is not a bad school, it has some brand recognization maybe not for finance. I heard Australia is very lenient when it comes to internationals maybe you can try your luck there.

Im not to sure how immigration works in Canada after doing grad school, thats somthing you should look into online… i know you can work for a year or two in the US if you do a grad program there. But vancouver is not the place to go for finance jobs, look into Toronto, montreal and even calgary. But then again more competetion there and thoose areas tend to hire from the top local school, like queens and U of T (in the case of toronto).

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Say that you are Gay and you will face being thrown off a cliff in your home country.Something in me says you are weird enough to pull it.

Hundreds of thousands people go to USA for education and then they get kicked out of country. They go back to their homeland and do some kind of job and apply for masters in Canada. These people want to stay in Canada… Give me a fucking break. You want to go USA and when you couldn’t you go to Canada because you think it’s easy to settle down here. Damn wrong … General misconception people have is that it’s easy for immigrants to get a job here. Kidding me? You are allowed to come here and spend $$$ and when you finish your degree you work for a minimum wage. Entry level job? Haha. Good luck.

klaudnine, I actually looked it up, it is a viable option, and now it will stay in the back of my mind. Thanks for your input.

Cole_123 I am hoping that by the time I graduate, I will have pulled off strong achievements, which will help me access jobs in and outside of Vancouver. (I am assuming here…)

I think Canada gives you 2 years work permit once you graduate with a masters from there, and then you can get a PR. (something like that)

The answer I am looking for in this post is getting clearer to me, how astronomically good my achievements should be for me to have a good chance at staying there?

SamCryBaby, very intersting idea…

Stalliondis, why are you calling me a sick fvck? Have you worked through the mentality of the “common man”, which I believe you claim to be? I am just a normal dude who looks deeply into stuff while keeping it brutally honest. I’ll give you something that will guide and improve your assumptions about me: I don’t watch porn and I am extremely against it, unlike the common man.

atush, just shush.

I’ve never said this before, but atush has a point. Canada is surprisingly difficult to start out in finance because it’s just so oversaturated with people wanting to do the same thing, combined with not enough jobs in that field. I learned that the hard way, as I’ve posted before. I had a masters degree from a US school and couldn’t get a single interview in Canada, and I’m Canadian! It was easier to just stay in the US and find a company to get a work visa for me here.

Your point is correct but no on is giving you more attention by speaking like you are angry.Al pacino is Al pacino, if you wanna imitate go for SRK.Suits you better IMO.

Hope that helps buddy,

atush is right but he conveys it in a way where his personal bitterness and struggle spill over into the message and discredit it. he knows the reality pretty well though from his research here. whether you choose to listen or not is up to you.

first off, you have no experience. there are CFA charterholders in BO roles in Toronto. secondly, once you graduate, you will be overqualified for pretty much any entry level job and are a flight risk. 3rd, you don’t even have an idea of what you want to do. 4th, you are targeting Vancouver, and going to school in Vancouver which won’t help in Toronto. 5. How much time did you really spend researching these choices? 6. The amount of effort you spend securing a job in finance, and then realizing you don’t make any money and can’t afford any property in the city will just make you bitter like atush and other recent immigrants to the great white north.

It’d be nice to get some immigrants who aren’t running from somewhere else, rejected from another first world nation, and want to better themselves and the community around them again. #MakeCanadaGreatAgain

Staying positive & happy + being realistic will get you alot further than coming off as bitter and angry.I do sympathize with OP& Atus since I come from a shit place too, but being bitter will not help you in anything.The only positive thing about coming from a shit country like mine is you get to appreciate things alot more which could motivate you to pursue greater success.

atush said what others said, which is that I have a very little chance; all he did is restate, aggressively and with hate. Maybe his aggressivness and hate convey reality better…I guess you guys think so… I just didn’t like the “haha, good luck” and his condescending tone

mk17, I am not going to the first world nation as you put it, as a parasite. I have big dreams, and in Kuwait it is CORRUPT. I don’t need to elaborate, you deduce the rest of my story.

The reason I am looking for a Finance job in Canada is just so that I have some income and shelter away from Kuwait, and most importantly, in a place where my effort to expand humanity’s horizons is recognized and supported. I know I have the potential to expand on many fields within and without Finance. I have fantasies about winning the Nobel Prize… They might be unrealistic, I hope not. Regardless, the fact that I fantasize about it gives you an idea about what kind of a person I am and where I am trying to go. All of that tells you that the sad story you are coloring every rejected immigrant with is WRONG, arrogant, and ignorant.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your valuable input. I get it, it’s extremely hard. I’ll try my best to get what I want, and I hope I succeed. I am done with this post. If you wana say something that you know will help me, thank you and PM me.