How long is your commute to work?

Curious to see how long everyone travels to work each day. Currently I drive about 30 minutes to work, and school is less than 5 minutes away from there. Starting a new job in a week that is further away, so I’ll be taking the train for 1hr+.

roughly a 4 block walk.

About 50 minutes in the morning because it’s so early and traffic is decent. About an hour to hour ten home as traffic is much heavier.

About 6 blocks. I would hate a long commute, especially with the hours I already have to put in. Although I do know a guy in my investment bank with a 2 hour commute each way - lives in Connecticut. And he’s in by 6 AM every day…

10 minute drive. In September, I’ll walk across the street.

30 miles each way (Approx. 1 hr. & 15 min. due to a rush-hour traffic). At least my wife works for the same company as I do; saving some gas & toll costs. We also have a hybrid car which help us a little bit on a gas for a long commute. The city of Philadelphia does not have an efficient mass transit system like NYC, London, & Paris, therefore many Philly commuters just need to deal with the traffics.

45 min each way (7 min by helicopter).

I take the tube (underground) so it takes 30 minutes door to door which I consider to be rather good; I live in some capital somewhere. Driving is out if for no other reason the congestion fees and no parking space.

Starting September I’ll be riding my bike 12 minutes to work. I got this apartment specifically to avoid having to use the london tube.

35 min walk one way, 25 mins pt. to pt. via subway

30 minutes by train, 15 by taxi.

10 minutes walk, 3 minutes drive. I usually drive.

One does become a bit jealous… I bet you had to pay a lot for those flats…

5 minute walk…I picked my apartment based on where my office is located

One hour and 15 minute bus ride for an eye popping 14 miles.

15-20 seconds…from my bedroom to the office living room. Sometimes the office can be a coffee shop or library, so that’s about 2-3 minutes.

I am 6 miles away from my office, and could easily bike a longer route - 8 miles down the lakeshore path (Chicago) - in well under 30 minutes, but usually I take the train, which averages about an hour each way. I used to be about 4 miles away, and that train (door-to-door) took me 25 minutes. Now my train is undergoing construction and takes forever. I don’t want to pay the $30+ dollars a day to park in my building, so I’ll keep taking public transportation until I decide to bike it. I also sometimes ride my scooter, but I have received too many parking tickets for parking on the sidewalk.

30 min door to door via bus…about enough time to scroll thru the blackberry and a quick sudoku puzzle.

Too long (50 min each way). Next job has gotta be on a bus route or close enough to walk/bike.

bostonkev Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 15-20 seconds…from my bedroom to the office > living room. > Sometimes the office can be a coffee shop or > library, so that’s about 2-3 minutes. What do you do, bostonkev? Are you an entrepreneur?