How many days did it take for approval

of your work experience from CFAI? I did not submit until 8/18 so just wondering what to expect.


Mine took seven days from the day I applied (five business days).

Some people have had their work experience approved within two days. Worst case scenario is that it takes 10 business days.

Mine took seven days from the day I applied (five business days) (@Brazil)

I applied on 19th Aug (7AM EST) - no update as yet. (8 business days already over). Was itching to submit from 6th Aug but one of my sponsors took his own sweet time.

Not sure how much time more for local society approval (IAIP).

Anyone else applied from India and their membership is approved? When did you apply.

Same boat, submitted 8/19 as well. Nothing new to report. I’m use to the waiting though.

Submitted day of results, got approval in 5 business days… still waiting on local society though.

8 business days for me. Is it the chater cert you want or to use the initials beside your name? On the latter im hesitant, would people think you are trying to show off? I actually know of many CFA charterholders who dont include in their email signatures.

^Pffff to that. I’m displaying the letters in my email signature as soon as I get confirmation. Shoot, I may even create an auto custom signature on my cell txt messages that says “Regards… my name, CFA” at the end. I didn’t kill myself these past years to be humble now. Those charterholders you know that don’t use it, did they get it pre 2000? Or do they have some other big title at their firms (e.g. CFO, CFF)

You earned it, so let the haters hate. That’s called winning. Yah dig?

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I just got approved today from the CFAI. Submitted 8/19 so 8 business days now waiting for my local society to approve. I was told that I can only pay for my membership once the society approves it.

Same, got approved today, on the 8th business day. Said once society approves they will send an email with link to pay both dues(depending on society). Once you are a member, will have to wait until the 4th, just look to see “CFA” after your name and you are able to start using the letters. You will get an email but typically takes 5 days to send that out.

CFAI approved mine within 3 days…my local society took all 30 after that and approved the day before it expired. In the words of Ron Burgandy, go *** yourself, San Diego.

Seems the norm is society takes the full allotment to approve. Anybody experienced otherwise? Yeah eezbaby, im convinced will do the initials. At least for awhile till it gets old.

Mixed signals here - I checked the website after posting here and my full work experience of 77 months shows approved but the status still reads as “Work Experience Review”.

Local society application still reads Status: Work Experience Review; Decision Days Pending: 0; Approved Work Experience: 0; Submitted Work Experience: 0.

No email confirmation - did anyone else get an email confirming approval? Decision days blank for anyone else?

And yup 8EEZBaby, I will be using the initials as soon as I get the email - doesnt look likely I’ll get it anytime soon though since kwizz is still waiting for local society approval after having submitted on 6th. Lets hope the Indian society is quick on the approval though.

Worked hard for the right to use them - so will definitely put them up ASAP @bobice “at least for awhile till it gets old”

Looking to switch jobs - IB to PE - so anything that sets me apart from the rest is worth it.

My local society is approving people once a week until October, but by their own admission they are checking it daily and approving people they see since it is usually just a formality once CFAI approves it. My guess is this is definitely not the norm though. Watch them not approve mine now due to the labor day weekend…just hope it’s before the 4th!

I applied on the 8th. Just got approved by my local society, which took 10 calendar days. Never been so excited to shell out $275!

U managed references before ur result?? Probably the membership mailers went only to successful candidates then

I managed the references only 26aug and put for review. Wat happens after they approve worked?

I managed the references only 26aug and put for review. Wat happens after they approve worked?


I applied on 27… In process. Probably ur started the process before results were out.

Is it true that the membership mails sent by cfaweb fore results were out were sent to only successful candidates??