How many guesses?

How many questions did you guys straight up guess on? Me…about 10-15.

About 6-7.

quite a few, but it looks like i guessed quite a few correct ones as well. but i dont think i ll pass anyways. i don’t even want to pass. if a person like me could pass this exam, it would be no fair to anyone who actually studied. well, i studied, but just not as hard. when i went thru the exam, all i could think was:“good, i thought this thing had no chance to be tested, so don’t read”, and this thing came up in my mind during the exam for numours times.

Guesses: 4

6-7 pure flat out don’t have a clue guesses.

Ran out of time in the morning…had about 10 straight b’s there with about 8 in the afternoon. Would say 18-20…I will be back here in this forum next year.


3 to be exact. The swaps question. I was pretty ticked because I knew this to a science and still couldn’t get it >=(. Spent way too much time on this one too. I know I guessed on two others, but don’t remember the sections now.

maybe 4-5 don’t have a clue guesses.

pure eenie meenie mo guesses - 10

Hmmm…I don’t have enough A’s in this column. It has to be A


rmciver Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hmmm…I don’t have enough A’s in this column. It > has to be A honestly, that is not a bag way to guess at all.


About 4 in AM and 8 in PM. What annoys me is when I start getting 4-5 straight A’s or C’s and I start double guessing…

6 AM session Derivatives question, marked all B :).

guessed on about 160, all d’s.

2 & 3, for 5 total.

8 in PM maybe 4 in AM, doomed

more than 30 in total