how many hours are you doing in the evenings?

absolutely drained of energy at the moment and feel like someone has sucked the life out of me. the markets are dreadful that’s for sure… get to do 1.5hrs at tops; i tried to read the Stock Options part of FSA last night and did not finish it. god, i did not understand any of it… what are others doing?

1 to 2 hours per evening not every day. 5 - 6 hours a day during weekends.

I go for 2 in the evenings, usually do 1, 5 or 6 on the week ends

I wake up at 5am every day so I can study until 8am. Life is tough. No time to study at night because I work until midnight.

1 hour per night about… maybe a couple hours on Sat / Sun. Work’s a bear this year (compared to last year when I too L1). And my son is older (now 2 1/2) and growing out of a nap, so weekends are tougher too. Oh… and the test is harder too.

I try to get at least an hour in at night. I am just tired when I get home. Like Plyon, I have a 2 year old son and for some reason he has taken to getting up at 4:45am recently plus trying to get him to take a nap on the weekends is close to impossible. However I do stay at work on Tuesday for that Schweser class, so that is a good 4 hours of studying there.

3-4 hours

I’m struggling getting going as well for many of the above mentioned reasons (work + kids = drained, the only formula I know). I have found the Schweser video cds to be helpful. When I don’t feel like reading, i pop in a video for the reading. They are 30 minutes for each section and if I miss something I back up 10 seconds or an entire slide. I follow it up with an LOS quiz on Schweser’s website (sometimes) - about 175 q’s scoring 65% (simple questions, so I need to pick it up). I find the vcd’s less draining than reading. I took the online class last year and didn’t get much out of it (stopped after a few classes). The videos are the only reason I am close to keeping up. I am not learning everything, but I am familiarizing myself with the material at the moment. Much like level 1, I’ll cram when the pressure is on!

‘Zero’ consistenlty since the last couple of weeks!! Life is not treating me well and I am under immense pressure. Will take some time to recover.

sorry to hear that, dinesh. hope you won’t have to deal with such pressure much longer

thanks for posting ladies & gents. i feel better in that i read others post’s on this board and i feel i am amonst super-human people. nice to see there are mere mortals as well. punyagua Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I wake up at 5am every day so I can study until > 8am. Life is tough. No time to study at night > because I work until midnight. omg, what do you do?

2 hrs a night here. 3 on saturday and sunday.

1 hr on commute, and then try to put 1 more in the night, 6-7 hrs weekends.

  1. i need to get my shit together this weekend. seriously.

I´d say about three hours per night, Mon to Thu, then 5 hours on a Friday. Plus I try to get 20 hours done on the weekends. The prospect of repeating next year is just too grim to spend any discretional time on anything else!!!

Trying for 2 hours in the morning. 1-2 at night. This morning. Alarm went off, woke up at 5am to study. Got out of bed. Hit the snooze. When the alarm went off at 5:09am turned off the alarm and slept till 7am. Then went to work. Not good.

I’m doing about 1.5 hours / day, then 4 hours each weekend day. My daughter is 3 and stopped napping, so I have to leave the house now on the weekends to study, which helps a bit. It’s not so much the time that matters though, it the efficiency. I could stare at time series 5 hours a day, but that doesn’t mean it’s penetrating my thick skull. 21% through the q-bank.

I say I will study from 7pm - 11pm every night. Somehow I usually end up starting at 7:30 or 8 and then I screw around on the computer for another hour. So reastically 1-2 hours a night. Then about 6+ hours on Sat & Sun.

2-4 hours per work day, some early in the am, some at lunch and whatever I can manage in the night. On the weekends I am trying to really pack it in… 10 to 15 hours in between other responsibilities.

I average out about 1 - 1.5 hours per day during the week. I put in 10+ total on the weekends.