How many hours are you guys putting in in a week right now?

I try to do problems and the more complicated readings in the library for 5-7 hours on saturday then read the more basic readings on the train during the week so Im at about 10-15 a week. Hope its enough.

take some advice from me, I read all the cfai books by the end of August. It wasnt the best idea, make it so you end a lot closer to the exam date. The test level of difficulty isnt as hard as the hardest problems you will do from the book. Furthermore, a lot of the quant stuff, although good to know, isnt that important…same with some of the derivatives stuff, there just know how to calc profit and what not. Take it easy many you got half a year left.

I have been tring to 3 hrs /day during weekdays & about 5 on Saturday & maybe 4 on Subnday. however, it has been a chellenge to keep myself desciplined to this ridge schedule. I will do that for sure from this comming week.

10 hours tops a week now. Beginning January it will become a tight schedule. Right now simply getting up to speed since undergrad.

I’m done reading the curriculum, so it’s tough to say how I will manage my schedule going forward, but heretofore I’ve ranged anywhere from 15 to 25 hours per week studying. A bulk of my studying would occur on weekends and holidays.

I have a lot of free time right now, so as usual I tend to procrastinate. 10-15 hours tops.

  1. I just started reading cosmos by carl sagan, does that count?

eric23 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I have a lot of free time right now, so as usual I > tend to procrastinate. 10-15 hours tops. That’s actually pretty good for procrastinating. You’re still on pace for roughly 300 hours (if you take 12.5hours as your average study week until the exam). How many hours are you planning on studying, may I ask?

I get about 13 - 15 hours a week done… Although just started two weeks back. But I am off for just over a month from Jan 3rd… so hopefully looking to put in about 20 - 25 hours a week. Letsee how it goes…:slight_smile: Shahan

How many hours a week is a good amount guys? Someone said 300 total? Is that true

Hi All I am a first time poster who is relativly new to this site. I have just started sutdying about 2 weeks ago and am trying to average about 10-15 hours a week. I am planning using just the schweser material to prpare. Can anyone share there thoughts on just using schweser? Is there any disadvantage to not using the CFA material? Any insight would greatly be appreciated.

mehtap3 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How many hours a week is a good amount guys? > Someone said 300 total? Is that true However long it takes you. For some people that might mean 100, for some that might mean 1000.

schweser will be fine. Just make sure you know it all. Lets just say that if I could have remembered everything that I read from schweser I’d have easily passed the test…but theres a lot of material to remember unfortunately (and I didn’t remember it all)…we’ll just have to see come Jan. 23. I don’t understand why some people have almost finished reading the material already. If you were training for a marathon, would you peak 3-4 months before the test…I dont think so. But I guess what works for some people doesn’t work for all. Goodluck.

I recently got my Schweser books. I am halfway through book 1 (took a day). Ethics is a fairly easy read, it just requires concentration and note taking, the rest was intro into tvm, etc so again, easy read. I want to have book 1 down pat before the new year. Then i will be focusing on the rest after. My goal is to have everything thoroughly read and understood by March, for March and May i will only be doing the practice exams and memorizing the schweser quick sheet. I’d have to say i put in about 10-20hrs/week. 10hrs on the Sunday usually and 2hrs/night during the week for 3 of the 5 weekdays.

KJH did u take the test this past Dec?

0 and it feels so good, yet weird, but I don’t miss Dec L1 studying any more! woohoo! lol

I haven’t started studying for the June '08 CFA level I, nor will I start till after the New Year. A colleague of mine just took the level I in December and started studying in mid-September, and said he had plenty of time, and that schweser was all he needed. To all those who are done with the reading or deep into their study materials, congrats, i bet you’ll pass with flying colors. But for all those who haven’t started yet or have just started, I wouldn’t worry one bit.

I did not take the test this past Dec. I’m sitting for June. Just got Schweser and wow, it is about 1/3 of the size of the CFAI text. Talk about cutting out the fat!

So what do you recommend? Studying the CFAI text from front to back AND THEN reading Schweser to remind yourself with all the meat of the info? Or, reading one section at a time together. Thanks!

just remember: enough is never enough