So i’m rounding up to about 150 hours total, winding down my review with only 3 days to go now… This is my second time around for level 1, feeling better about it but not as confident as I think I should be…used CFAI and for continuous review/question-taking. By the way, for all you hardcore 1000+ hrs ppl, I had seen 90% of the material already throughout my studies, hence the reduced number of hours. Add on the prep I had for June to that (I was stupid, spent only 4 weeks studying). Anyone else have the jitters, even the 2nd time around?

i just hope to pass the first time so i wont have any 2nd-time jitters…

so…you had 4 weeks prep( lets say 25 hours a week) for june and 150 hours since then? So you have totaled 250 hours combined studying since even before june… I think many ppl here have studied more for the DEC exam than you have for June and DEC.

I’m up to about 400 hours total for just December.

I’m sure I’m north of 500 hours by this point

Can I change the subject? Nice weather we’re having, eh?

so i learned something today: don’t post on analystforum unless you have something constructive to say. sorry i might have insulted some of you.

no idea: anywhere between 300-500hrs probably, including the time spent nerding out here (which is a lot). I probably started studying seriously in August, so that sounds about right. It’s my first (and I hope last) time writing it.

Probably around 300, but its hard to account for time wasted on AF, Facebook and

you count the time spent on FB &espn as studying? I’ve probably logged in over 1000 hrs then (sans ESPN though, not a huge fan).

id say 200-300 hours…i think my brain is tired of nerding out…i can’t wait to be normal again!

Not more than 200 hours, If I pass of course il be really glad, If i fail then I have nothing to blame but myself coz i know i should have prepared more…Since i not too certain that i will pass, Waiting for the results to come out in early february would leave me not much time for Level 2, so anyways I would have to write it in June 09. Just trying to psychologically help myself here hahahahah. Good luck everyone, I hope you all nail that exam.

Still three days left to make it happen!

I probably logged in 60 percent of my life between August and now…I had no choice…didn’t have previous background in finance.

i don’t care anymore

results will be out mid Jan, not early Feb

I have no idea how many hours I spent, but I have been going consistently since May. The only question that’s bugging me now is… should I wait until mid January to buy Schweser for Level II or buy it now and get cracking right after the exam (well, maybe after a couple weeks). Somehow starting mid January seems really late, considering Level II is “the hardest exam we will ever write”…

I probably put in the low 200’s I’m starting to feel good about this exam, but regardless for me I’m targeting june 09 for level 2. My life just can’t take another 6 months of this, need to do some other stuff in the meantime.

Not even sure at this point…too many to faill this thing again

A little over 300.