How many hours left in your "study plan"?

Since we cannot change the past, instead of asking how many hours you guys have put in, how many hours do you still have control over prior to the big day? Rough calculation for me: average 3hours/day * ~40 days =120 hours I will wrap up my second read of Schweser by next weekend, then start the practice exam and Q-Bank at the start of May. Right now, I am at the stage where I have a vague idea of most of the concept but no solid grasp of any (I did understand all of them when I read). Hopefully a month of practice exam will fix that. Really felt intimidated when I saw the guy who has COMPLETED the Q-band. Man, I am only FOUR THOUSAND questions behind… What about your guys?

“Really felt intimidated when I saw the guy who has COMPLETED the Q-band” I got more scared listening to that than watching Wrong Turn the other day :-(. How can people complete 4215 questions with 45 more days to go? I am around THREE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED QUESTIONS BEGIND.

I’m just about done the Qbank, but am not feeling all that great about it, so far. Practice exams out the wazoo, now (including last years’s Book 6 and 7, which are still in mint condition). However, I put much more emphasis on the Qbank (as compared to the readings) than most, I think - my view is that the test is comprised of questions, so in order to pass said test, I should probably work on answering questions as opposed to spending time “reading”. However, to answer your question, I can generally squeeze a couple of hours at work in, so I’m ballparking my remaining hours at about 200 hours.

that strategy works for some. I remember for Series 7 if I targeted only questions, I got most of them wrong. Once I had done a thorough reading on the subject, it greatly improved my accuracy on the questions. I think that’s why many on this forum are trying to nail the readings down and understand the topics, as opposed to trying to remember as many answers as they can. Depends on the test taker though.

Probably 4 hours a day average here on out. The cfai questions take forever. The Q bank can go pretty quick with those gimme questions.

I’m estimaing another 200… I’m having a couple weeks off work… But I. Feel like I need another 999

250 more left in my study plan

I have countless hrs left. I can put in +/- 4 hrs per wk night, except Mon/Thurs that I’ll do 2 hrs before heading to the gym. On the weekends, it’ll probably be an all day thing or as much as I can tolerate this.

Alot, sigh, I reviewed CF problems yesterday and realized I forgot how to do all of them. I felt so sad, like I wanted to freakin cry.

realistically maybe 100-150. i think a solid 75 of those might be spent doing another round of CFAI q’s. I like Bipolar last night did some SS8 q’s out of the CFAI book and it is amazing how many I f’d up. The wording is a bit different than schweser and I’m getting too used to schweser. I’m switching gears back to CFAI materials for a good portion of this homestretch review I think.

For the last 9 days, I have planned to study 9 to 10 hours a day. Like I did in L1. because I forget all have studied long time ago. before that try to study 3 hours a day. so i think 150 till 180 hours left.

I get in 20hrs on a weekend (sat/sun combined)…there are six weekend left but one weekend I have the schweser boot camp…so 5 * 20 = 100hrs I average 3hrs a weeknight…and I might get in some during work but that is sporadic so I won’t count that…so that is 5 * 5 * 3 = 75hrs I have the last week off (not counted above)…where I will probably study 8-10hrs Monday through Thursday…I will take it easy on Friday…so that is 35ish hrs. So I’d say I have about 200hrs left in me…I am not sure how I feel about that as of right now…I may feel better or worse in a few weeks.

I’m pretty much on your boat BCH. When CFI say 250hrs mim for level its such BS, it is really 2-3x more then that to be fully prepared. 250hrs is just barely passing, 40-60% on the exam imho.

LOL – 200 hours?! My brain would blow a head gasket. 81 and 1/3 to 129 hours remaining is my reasonable estimate.

I’m gonna come in at about 400 hours, and if I don’t pass, I’m just not smart enough (not even considering that option, though). Assuming I do what I should for the next 40 days I’m pretty confident I’ll be okay.

BiPolarBoyBoston Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m pretty much on your boat BCH. When CFI say > 250hrs mim for level its such BS, it is really > 2-3x more then that to be fully prepared. > > 250hrs is just barely passing, 40-60% on the exam > imho. +1

250 hours for Portfolio Managers who have been working in the industry for 20 years. For rest of us, it should be 700.

I’m not sure how many portfolio managers working in the industry for 20 years actually apply most of this stuff. My guess is not too many. If anything, for those who haven’t hit the books in a while, it becomes more challenging to retain all of this info.

We have one here and he kills each level with >70 in each section at easy. His mock/sample scores are around 85 to 90% range. Would you even midn asking his Qbank score? lol

if you’re a PM at a fund with over 20 years experience, remind me again why you would pursue the charter? :slight_smile: