How many of you workout? Fitness=Success on the street

Okay I’m not trying to look like a meat head b/c I’m far from one, but appearances are extremely important in our business…at least in the FO. So how many of you guys workout regularly? I’m far from a fitness buff but I’m starting to get into it. Not to tell my life story but I’m a former HS football player and was in decent shape. College came, I tapped one too many kegs and packed on some pounds to say the least. I’m not obese but I am overweight…now just slightly. I’ve been working out for a few months and have changed my diet…I feel 100% better and look much better. I’ve been trying to hit the gym at least 3 days at week…the real goal is 5 but I get so tired w/ my commute. So how many of you guys think fitness plays an important role to be successful on the street?

I am in the same boat. I played basbeall in college but 2 years of sitting in front of pc and the pounds add up fast. I am running a few times a week.

Every morning from 5:45-7. Most guys in my office workout most mornings…helps with the hangover recovery.

I work out each morning before work. I lift 3 days a week and do 20 minutes of interval training 3 days. I also eat 6 small meals a day. I used to eat everything in site, and never step foot in the gym. I don’t know how much it’s helped my career, but I do know that I feel a ton better about myself, and have more energy through the day.

bodymore, I am trying to eating smaller meals a day as well. Could you put a sample timeline you use? I am doing the following: 7.00 - breakfast 11.00 - meal 2 4.00 - meal 3 7.00- meal 4 10.00- meal 5

good health is a key for a happy life once sickness strikes your life will look much different and yes, working out and being physically robust helps to survice in the business which is sometimes tiring it helps as well to burn some adrenaline or frustration built up during a tough day in the office this being said there are many succesful and very unfit ppl so fitness is not a sine qua non condition for success however some skills tought by sports come handy in the office myself I have been a keen sports (long distance running, swimming, cycling, windsurfing, tennis, rowing) fan but I hate “working out to be fit” ie fitness classes or just working out in a gym “to be slim” or “to be fit” kills me with boredom

Sound body, sound mind. I think there’s research that shows that ‘attractive’ people tend to be more successful, but I also think that the increased energy and self-confidence are important. Of course as June gets closer that time in the gym goes down significantly, at least for me.

goldenboy09, I’d move your 4 up to 2 and your 7 to 5:30-6, have the last one between 8-9pm. If you’re super hungry post 10pm…light snacks like, carrots or mixed greens. Unless of course you’re regularly up to 3am or workout very early in the morning.

I go to bed most nights around 2 a.m. and up at 7 a.m.

That is flat out impressive…I need to somehow get on that schedule.

poker will keep you from sleeping… I am however dead from friday- sunday… it is only from sunday-thursday I am up so late

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I go to bed most nights around 2 a.m. and up at 7 > a.m. 7am? I am in the office at 6.30am sigh

I get in around 8

Turkish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > That is flat out impressive…I need to somehow > get on that schedule. why would you want to get up at 7am on the weekend?

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I get in around 8 lucky you, I would love to have a job like that

trust me… no you dont

why? wots wrong?

no comment

Yeah, I work out…welcome to the gun show ladies

arent you bored just working out? I mean other than looks or health benefits there are few apparent motivators, I mean its not fun I only hit the gym twice a week, to do a little lifting for better running etc sometimes do some treadmilling (intervalles mainly as they are more precise and tougher on the treadmill - still prefer to hit the track)