How many of your answers were blind guesses ?

Post an approximate number as no one would know the exact number

5 that I outright didnt know and maybe another 10 that I had to really think about.

maybe 3 or so but so far i spotted about 10 mistakes where i thought i had the answer but was fooled by distractors

40 were blind guess 30 chose one out of only 2, ignoring the 3rd choice 50 by calculation


I had no clue about 10 questions

more thn 15 for sure

Wow im impressed with people. AM - guessed on arounded 40 questions! PM - arounded 20 That’s 1/2 of the exam. C ya guess same time next year.

not many around 3-5

while I only had 2 “blind guesses” I do have 10 or so questions that I am not sure about.

BiPolarBoy, that was the best post all year.

danielsky Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > while I only had 2 “blind guesses” I do have 10 or > so questions that I am not sure about. most of which are 2 choose 1.

1 question was a blind guess (aka. i used the random # generator on the calculator to decide my answer). I got it right :slight_smile:

AM- 1 - finding t-stat for frigging inside model 1 alt investment - IRR 2 - Bonds - callable/putable values 2 quality of earnings fsa PM - 2 Derivative - gold options 2 Equity - HPR calc, and blume method (wtf) 1 fsa - accrual calculation Total = 11 + ten others that i thought were right until i read posts =21 down so far

blume got me also, I was like wtf is that, re-read the passage, did not find anything, so said oh well let me use the standard formula in Schweser : beta x (2/3) + 1/3 * 1 . Seemed to work

3-5 pure guesses per each session may be another 10 questions which i did not know exactly and got answer after some thinking

about guesses, blind guess - chances of getting it right 33%, if you read the question and not sure about answers - chances of getting it right 0% so went for blinds in 4 questions of quants

About 5 in each session.

5-6 for the total exam.

3 in the morning and maybe 7 in the afternoon (mostly on Derivs and FI)