How many people at your test center?

Curious about others’ exam experience. I took mine at the “Los Angeles” center which is really in Orange County at the Anaheim Convention Center. I think 2,500 in the main room and another couple hundred in an upstairs room taking L1 only. Interesting parking situation with construction going on onsite and being right next to Disneyland. Actually run pretty smoothly though, large bathrooms, room stayed quiet. What was your test center experience?

London had 10,800 people according to one of the proctors (and when i sat level 2, there were 8,000+ people). All nearby hotels were fully booked, trains were super packed and it took about 35 mins just to get from exam hall to station after finishing (its only 0.1 miles away)

I heard that mumbai and shanghai had the most number of people at single centre.

500-600 in San Jose. Which is more than I’m used to from my experience in San Diego

Yeah San Diego is small. It’s great. I never bothered trying to get a rough count, but it’s probably only a few hundred.

About 300 People in Winnipeg.

Zurich was approx 2000

Geneva there was two sites, but the one for lvl III probably had around 150-200 people

Munich (Germany) - my guess 300-500 candidates, 1 site only.

Frankfurt is the financial center here (I guess some came from Austria). Seems to a quite place for taking a test

Madrid, 1500 people approx

Under 100 for L3 in Colombo (Sri Lanka), and under 600 for all 3 levels.

Chicago, I’d guess 2,000 - 3,000

500 - 750 in Ft Lauderdale. Prolly < 75 for Level III

Chicago for me too and I agree…seemed like 2,000-3,000. Thought the whole thing was pretty messy considering there were about 10 conventions going on in the same locale as the exam. People everywhere, tough getting a cab afterwards, etc.

Around 200 in Madison, WI

Was also at Winnipeg. I would have guessed a little lower. But a nice place for the test.

Was also at Winnipeg. I would have guessed a little lower. But a nice place for the test.

I did a rough count of about 60 taking L3 in Richmond, VA…obviously mulitples of that for L1 and 2

55 in Cleveland, OH taking L3.

They placed 216 seats in Dallas TX for L3 but proabbly 70% showed up.

Seems like Dallas has a lot candidates.

Approx 8,000 in Toronto