How many people didn't get through all the questions in the am?

I was able to get by but skimped on some questions (rushed answers). Lots of folks by me left whole questions blank, as they ran out of time.

Tight time constraints, for sure. How’d everyone make out?

i managed to answer all of them but as you the last ones very quickly… also wveryone around me didnt finish when the “stop writting” was told

Could attempt only 9 out of 11…

Finished 20 minutes early. Went back and made sure I didn’t leave any blank accidentily. Went back and added a little bit onto questions but otherwise didn’t change anything. I was pretty much the only one who finished early

Finished with about 15-20 minutes to go. Went back and flipped through the book twice making sure I hit every main and sub question. Caught one thing I had overlooked and fixed it. Definitely took longer than the mocks, but was not pressed for time.

did any of you circle the wrong anwser with pen and then corrected it? is that ok? i was nervous about that haha ( i also made a note telling which one was tge correct one). happened to me on one template only.

I manage to write the last question (of my exam, not the paper) but unable to find the correct way to answer it. It was very lengthy I must say.

I finshed about 10 minutes early and had time to re-phrase a few of my answers to make them stronger.

I Did not find time to revise. I was finishing last part of question and there hit the buzzer. Salute to you guys who finished early. Overall, I am feeling good.

I finished AM 15 minutes early…was iffy on 2 sub questions but think i crushed it overall…don’t think a lot of people finished at my center as they were all complaining

left 2 subparts blank due to time as well as just not knowing the answers to them

AM was as expected but i was writing too much in the start and realized part way through that the level of writing was not sustainable if i wanted to finish. still nervous aobut results



I couldn’t write almost 30 points worth of question…

I am confident I knew the answers but tried to write in too much details and missed a few.

There wasn’t enough time imo. Questions weren’t that hard but my answers got messy as time slipped away. I answered everything, but some very abbreviated.

I was rushed as well. i think i finished my first pass 10 mins early and tried to go back and filled in the gap. Overall i found it really exhausting. I think i did terribly in the afternoon section. I found it really hard to focus and get through the questions. I walked out not feeling confident at all. I’m wondering how the pass rate would be this year relatively to last year. any thoughts?

dont know… i am sure that it depends on how well candidates perform (in general)… so in the end is the same… if the pass rate is low is because the overall did bad in the exam… thats what i think…

I definitely left three entire sections blank. I wasn’t prepared for the difficulty of writing under time constraints. I knew the answers, but just didn’t get to answer the questions and ran out of time. I think I may have spent too much time on other questions. I can’t imagine I passed leaving that much unanswered. I felt really good about the afternoon section. So, there might be an outside chance I pass, but I would need to have some good scores in the afternoon and done really well on the stuff I answered in the morning.

Anyone heard of people passing leaving large sections unanswered??

Skipping 3 whole questions is a pretty big deal imo. Leaves very little margin for error on all the other stuff. No offense but I think passing will be very difficult if you entirely left 3 am questions blank.

I personally found that the AM Individual Weatlh Management section was way different than in the past papers, which caught me on the wrong foot and definitely impacted me.

Globally, confident during the first part of AM, then found it difficult in the middle and finally found better at the end but challenging due to time pressure. PM was straightforward according to me, am just worried to feel it this way, maybe I haven t seen the tricks… I found the last item set challenging though.

I left one whole question blank, and maybe a few sub questions along the way. Had the most trouble with the indvidual IPS. As above, it just seemed very different than on the old AM exams and my mind couldn’t adjust to it in the allotted time.