How many subsections did you leave blank in AM ?

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Essentially 4 worth 18 points total


maybe 10 points total. but I’m sure i also got some zeros in others that I did answer.

I left some blank but i honestly can’t remember anymore. I wish i could remember…

one 2 pointer and one 3 pointer. potentially partial credit on one that i ran up to the buzzer on and had to leave only half answered. we’ll see…

15pts (not completely blank but definitely wrong)…

25 points. also a few subsections where I answered but know i got it wrong

i wonder what the answer is for non AF people. i bet a lot miss full questions. time is so hard.

Nothing left blank, but there is a good 10 points or so where receiving any credit would be a gift.

2 full questions…approximately 30 pts total - though not in order. Can easily overcome the shortfall if you are strong on the ones you actually answer.

did anyone crush Question 1? i figure that has some blanks. threw some people, myself included off.

^^ I think I crushed that one…just happened to be something I looked at in days prior… but was bummed a lot of topics / concepts I was counting on did not get covered… exam had a different feel compared to past years like it was a new author…

Are we talking in terms of % or points? I believe there are 180 pts in AM?

Left 0 blank, but scribbled/guessed 26 pts worth, probably close to 0. I am basically starting at 86%…

86% on AM or 93% in full exam… still in the game for sure

Any raw score above 60% has a chance to pass this…

Left 2 sub questions blank (6/7 points total I think) to pick up easier points before time ran out.

Much like most, I only realized how to do 1a) after doing 1b). Still got a strange answer but should get partial credit for formula and working.

3 parts of my first question are so wrong that I could consider them empty… that’s around 12 minutes I think, just a rounding error.

Answered everything in AM and for more than 90% of them I think I know the material and logic.

Had an answer for everything, had barely enough time to run back through and make sure all the answers were somewhat sensible. That being said, I know there were questions I’ll get 0 on because I think the grading is pretty unforgiving.

Yeah I feel like the grading is quite unforgiving (because i took it last year). This year, I just timed by sections hopefully better and got the “low hanging fruit” so-to-speak. Left one sub-section completely blank that was worth 4 or 5 points. Not sure how well i faired on the first question but i wrote the formula down and attempted to apply it but even then im not sure if they give partial credit for that. I felt like the in the AM towards the end it got easier but maybe that’s just me. I worked a few in the beginning and then started on the back where I felt like I was able to get more bang for my buck (time). Not sure if anyone else felt that way.


but there were some that were pure guesses. In practice AMs i usually had an extra 30 mins but for the test i was right on 3 hour pace the whole time and finished with maybe 3-5 minutes left. Its mentally exhausting when you’re right on the wire like that the whole AM.