HOW much have you finished up as of now?

How much have you covered till now?

I am done with FRA, Quant, PM, CF & some part of ETHICS, but still feel i’m lagging behind. Also into a full time job. Any tips to pace up?

Note: Prepping from schweser and as of now practicing “Concept checker ques” from schweser. Planning to cover EOC ques from CFAI as well.

I only have one more study session to go - Derivatives. In total, I have invested about 300 hours into my exam preparation to this point. I will be hitting the EOCs and practice exams hard in April and May (30 hours per week). With few exceptions, all of the material is within my grasp. Now it is up to me to close.

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Done with Ethics, Quant, PM, and Econ. I’ve done 250 Q-Bank questions at 82.4% and about 50% of the CFAI questions for these topics. I’m about 2 weeks behind schedule according to the study plan i’m using. Should be able to catch up since im only using Schwesers.

I’m having trouble retaining a lot of the quant formulas though. I gotta hit my flash cards hard in May

Going in order, finished everything through FI. Just Alt and Deriv to go. Then EOCs and mocks and Qbank.

I think that you and I have more or less been on the same study schedule since November or December. Just curious - how many hours per week are you going to put into your final review? I’ve been investing a steady 15 hours per week into my exam prep since November, but I’m going to take it to the next level in April and May.

How/when are you doing the EOCs? After each reading or are you going to finish all 6 books, then the EOCs?

I’ve completed anywhere from 50% - 100% of the EOCs after each reading. Ideally, I would have completed all of the them before moving on to the next reading, but I had to strike a balance between mastering every concept and leaving time for review.

I took the CFA mock this week and am happy with where I am (I’ve done a quick scan of all materials, assessed weak areas etc). In the morning I scored 62.5 and 67.5 in the afternoon. What makes me very happy is that I aced a few topics, and completely bombed others (Econ and quant mostly), so I now know where I can find some easy marks. I’ve got 3 elan mocks left and will purchase more as necessary. My strategy from here on in is do as many Q’s as possible and focus on weak areas…do more tests…review weak areas and repeat. With 85 days left, I’m fairly comfortable with my progress (wouldn’t be if the test was tomorrow)

Yea, it’s not surprising that econ and quant sucked, since they are at the beginning of what you studied (assuming you went in order). This is what I’m worried about too. I only have equity, FI and alternative left. I plan to finish this in the next 2 weeks. Then I plan on doing mocks on the weekends, studying weak points during the week and repeat.

I studied them at the beginning and intentionally skimmed them. I know from experience that on those two topics, I have a tendency to forget the material shortly after but have a fairly high retention rate for the short term. They’ll make up a good chunk of my last minute studying.

I have finished the 4th Volume and am now on the 2nd (Economics), which I find very easy and expect to finish with by the end of the upcoming week.

I am getting slightly nervous about my (lack of) progress as I’ve only recently began to study for real.

I am done with FR but yet to start with the other subjects… Can anyone guide me as to which subject to take first …

I have only been averaging about 10 hours a week. Mostly just reading with some occasional Qbank in the mix. As soon as I finish the readings I am going on a week vacation beginning of April. As soon as I get back, its time to blast tons of practice problems, EOC, Qbank, and just practice over and over again.

Well best of luck to you! I hope that this steady approach pays off. I feel fresh and cautiously optimistic. I’ll have the curriculum all wrapped up by next week. I take comfort in knowing that there will not be any new material from this point on. The last week of March will be light for me in terms of exam prep. I’ll probably just watch some ethics videos and practice with my calculator. I’ll even take 2-3 days off for Easter so that I can spend some time with my family before I hit it hard in April and May.

I’ve been going in order and only have volume 6 left. After each subject I have been doing qbank tests of the previous subjects. I’ve also been watching the Kaplan videos but much after the readings. This way it’s a way to passively review. I just finished the FRA videos today.

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I’m just with left with reading the last volume now. Rest is all done along with the EOCs ques. I had studied FRA twice but i’m still not comfortable with income taxes.