how much have you read

i read 130 pages in the second book so far. i skipped ethics book til the end. what about you?

page 296, Reading 18. I too, have skipped ethics until the end.

i read ethics, and i’m finishing R20… the readings just get longer and longer…

Also skipped ethics and just finished book 2 over the weekend.

Just wrote out my study schedule last night…and will jump into SS 3 tonight. Ugh. At least the Schweser guy is hot. Maybe that will get me motivated.

read more yesterday. rightnow i have read 230 pages. so far its very dry. cant wait to get into economics

I’ve read a total of about 100 pages… give or take

wow… people here are really motivated. I haven’t started, and was planning to start after I get my FRM result (Jan 5th). Would that be too late?

I’m starting in exactly 19 minutes. I’ll read the first chapter (starting with SS 3 - skipping Ethics for now) over lunch.

i think jan 5 is late.

well… guess i’ll have to start before xmas then.

Skipped ethics. Halfway through SS 14, but haven’t done any of the EOC problems yet. Trying to get through CFAI books once before starting Schweser books and online class. I must say, the reading material is easier to get through compared to level II. I am not saying the test will be easier, but reading the material is more interesting and applicable to what I do. I don’t think it is nearly as dry as level II quant, derivatives and econ. Ugh.

Jan 5 is fine IMO. I’m just starting now because I got sick of looking at the books just sitting on my desk, mocking me. Plus starting now allows me to build in some time to be flexible with my schedule. Starting the first of the year would require me to be a bit more strict.

Agreed, early Jan is fine. I am just starting now for a number of reasons: 1. Going on vacation in late Feb 2. The 4 month turnaround from L I in Dec to LII to in June was incredibly intense (especially with a new baby) and don’t want to go through anything like that again. 3. L III material is very relevant to my current job.

Not started yet. Probably around Jan/Feb

planning to start this weekend

swore I’d cover most of the CFAI books before year end, but I’ve done - at best - some light reading on a few different LOS. Just ordered Schweser for Friday delivery. Hoping to do all of Schweser with emphasis on EOC ?'s from CFAI books, then a good 6-8 weeks of review right before the exam. Hoping this is effective…I’m a repeater, failed band 9 last year only using Schweser. The consensus here (from passers especially) seems to be to NOT ignore the CFA books, which I did last year.

Early January should be fine. Let’s ask our boy fd, he should be starting May 15th or so. :slight_smile:

I know it’s early, but I just don’t want to take any chances with the FINAL CFA exam - I’m studying primarily from CFAI books, though I’ve bought 2009 Schweser Video CDs for when I want to study less intensively. Going to slaughter this exam come June 2010. Progress so far - * Read CFAI books Vol 2 and 3 - like a few others I’ve opted to leave ethics until last.

^^ that’s crazy! Pace yourself…can’t afford to burn yourself out.