How much studying have you done so far?

Hey guys, I’m curious about how everybody is doing so far…

I have covered CF, AI, Equity, PM, some FRA. How about you guys?

I have covered Eco, QM, FRA, CF, FI, AI, Equity, Derivatives at 70%. Also more than 1600 questions solved until now. No mock done, no CFAI candidate resources questions done nor other type of practice tests. A little bit of Q-bank only. I think I’m doing well, not feeling stressed at all. Started early already, that’s the trick.

How about you guys?

Haven’t even got my L1 results yet. I’ve only read a watched some FRA videos online. You guys really got a very early head start.

I am quite sure I passed Level 1 but I just cant seem to start preparing for level 2. I had planned on starting with quant from 1st Jan, but havent touched it yet. You guys seem to be doing well, keep it up.

How many hours?

Do you not think this is overkill 5 months before the exam?

Finished Quant, Econ, & the first FRA study session. Havent hit the books hard yet, that will start soon.

same, i just try to get some idea, not having result really sucks…i also feel if i fail level one i will be so angry esp after i started reviewing

FRA done , started CF

I don’t track the hours, I rather track the number of exercises solved and ratio of success (% of right answers), which are much more tangible measures. How can you sum different quality of study hours? Suppose I get a 200 hours of study, is it good or bad? It says nothing to me, so I don’t care about number of hours.

This is not overkill, I prefer to study with no pressions about time, since I didn’t join for 2015 exam I already rested many months. L2 is tougher than L1 and deserves more mocks and more exercises in order to be ready for a win. My advice is to start early.


I agree. Understanding what you study is more important. When did you start studying? Harrogath

About 6 months ago. Not a constant study tho, there were weeks with no read at all. I’m saving time for review and practice, to solve 6 or more mocks is my goal. How about you?

Nice job man, you will be in a very good position come June with this attitude!

Thank you. I’m sure that effort combined with commitment always pays out, always.

Quant, ECO, FRA and Corp done. Did all end of chapter questions, and blue box in schweser and CFA books. No real Qbank since I found them not that usefull and not like the actual test last time.Might just do some Qbank questions for review of small points.

I started studying 5 months ago. I want to make sure I understand everything well so take my time, not rushing.

That’s great, exactly the same as me wink

wow you guys have a huge head start! i just started today…

Same here. I think (or I hope) I passed level 1, but I just can’t seem to start studying level 2 without knowing whether I passed level 1 or not. I’ve tried, but I couldn’t.

Yeah, 10th Jan and still havent touched level 2. I just hope it doesnt become overwhelming in the 4 months we’ll get to prepare.

just starting out … struggling with my job :frowning: