How much weight have you guys gained so far?

Just checked. I’m up about seven and a half pounds, and it’s been FUN let me tell you. If I can’t blow my paycheck at the bars, I’m darn well going to buy prime steaks every day of my life.

Not even joking here. We’re talking filet mignon for breakfast lol.

And I don’t even feel guilty. I’ve been working out my entire life. Who cares if I stop lifting for a couple of months.

Oh man. I haven’t actually stepped on the scale but undoubtedly, it isn’t good. It’s the casual beer and wine that’s been my Achilles heel. The beer, the wine, and takeout. And movies. I am getting some work done between Netflix and beer and wine and takeout, though. Almost finished Ozark season two, so thats good. It’s like Groundhog Day here.


I mean season 4*

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I think it’s already out isn’t it? Was planning to watch that next weekend

Edit: Ah.

Fantastic show though

I will never look at Bateman the same way again.

I have a garage gym and so im still lifting but I’m no longer training (boxing/wrestling) so i’ve bulked up a bit more than I’d like. Don’t let an excuse like having more time be the reason you pack on the pounds.

Well, I guess I’m just not worried about maintaining the washboard abs right now. When things open up, I can resume going back to the gym, and I’ll shed the quarantine fat in a month or two.

But speaking of excuses, this is a GREAT one for me buying some of those elastic waistband dress pants! lol.

Don’t get fat get phat!

I’ve actually dropped about 4-5 pounds. My diet has stayed roughly the same, but I’ve been going for power walks 3-4x/week. Lean and svelte, here I come!!! :walking_man:

Are the action snacks stored in the action zone?

I think the dog has dibs on the snacks in the Action Zone :tm: Check out the look in its eyes!!!

what you guys eating?

@CEO10K-DAY - not going to lie, I’m looking forward to these joggers that I ordered over the weekend! First time buying sweats/joggers hoping that my research for a taller inseam paid off!

@breadmaker I feel you - I just had a suit delivered, so I know my measurements are still solid since my last trip in Oct/Nov … I’m just glad my circuit tapered off in March vs the anticipated Mid May; those international foods have more calories I hear! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m a home gym convert, the thought of going back to an actual gym full of bellends doesn’t fill me with joy


Today it was pizza and Goldfish. Yesterday it was tacos.

I gotta change it up. Think salmon, rice, and broccoli tomorrow

El pollo loco is what I ate yammy

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Oh man. Now you’re talking. How you gonna cook it? In the oven? Wrap it in foil and grill?

i like cooking in teh oven. put foil. throw it in. throw the foil. no cleaning

Pros and cons man. Pros: can blast whatever music you want, can drop weight (assuming you’re in a garage of basement), and of course the convenience of it being at your house. Cons - you’re not surrounded by yoga pants pushing you, and every other meathead, to go heavier than you probably should.

I just added farmers carry and climbing ropes to my outdoor arsenal which already included atlas stones and sand bags. Next step is to build a turf and then move on to my archery setup.