How to drop CFA reference in court?

I have a speeding ticket I will be fighting next Friday. It’s my first (and last, lol) ticket and I want to drop the good character reference by refering to the CFA institute. I passed L1 just now so it looks even better, but how would I say it in court?

If that is the worst your ever do in life you’re much better than me. Just pay your fine and move on with life.

Man what’s with every CFA candidate on this forum getting speeding tickets these days?

Please tell me this is a joke.

It’s not the fine I’m worried about people. I’m listed on my parents’ insurance and when one speeds everyone’s rate go up!

Ofcourse if I get cited, I will leave my insurance company for another to avoid the rates of my family members going up (yes, that is how statefarm works, don’t ask).

But guess what, each month my premium will be $40 extra, which means over three years (that’s how long a ticket hangs) I’ll be overpaying $1440. So no, higgmond, this isn’t a joke. So now, please tell me your response is a joke.

Lol, I don’t know, speeding toward CFA Level 3? haha. Mine wasn’t even actual speeding. I was going the flow of traffic (which is 120 km/h in toronto and is 20 over) and a cop was having a bad day, merged behind me (in the third lane) and pulled me over. So still legally speeding, but not “hey guys, look how fast I go” speeding.

Man, so you are telling me that no one in your family has ever gotten a speeding ticket??? Big deal if your insuance goes up. It is part of life. I suggest you hire a lawyer rather than going in front of a judge trying to explain that your are a good person because you passed a finance exam. Why are your parent still paying your insurance anyway and why are you on their policy?

How is passing L1 of the CFA even remotely germane when trying to beat a speeding ticket?

Its a shame you haven’t passed L2 as I understand that one receives a ‘Get Out of Jail’ card to use for 12 months.

Oh well, sucks to be you.

read my post in the water cooler section. Looks like i opened a can of worms.

Also dont make any reference to the CFA because in the Judges mind he will interpret CFA as “Certified Financial A–hole” after wondering why that is relevant.

How is the CFA remotely germane for any court case, why use it at all. If I can’t use it as leverage for something as little as a speeding ticket, how the fuck would I use it for something more serious. Do you also believe the 10 pages in the CFA books about using the CFAI as a reference was all bullshit too? Maybe you should write CFAI a letter explaining their literature relating to the CFA candidacy is “hopefully a joke”

Why is that any of your business? Also, what I’m supposed to just let my parents overpay their insurance for the next three years all because of me. Wow, how easy is it to be you guys?

Did everyone just miss the part int he CFA books where it said you can use your candidacy to show a judge your character? Was I the only one that read that part?

If the CFA books were too much for you guys to read, it goes like this:

TL;DR: One may use the CFA charter or candidacy to explain their good nature or as a show of character when appearing in front of a judge.

How does this relate to a speeding ticket?: “Your honour, this is my first offense and I admit it was wrong of me to drive over the speed limit. However, you will find that I am not a wreckless person, and indeed quite responsible. An example of my good natured character would be my candidacy in the CFA program ____________________”

And the __________ part is what I asked you people help with. Not all the shit you gave me.

You tell the judge you’re a CFA candidate and that it makes you a dilligent citizen. If he asks further, then explain what the program is all about.

Most likely, he/she will just laugh or ignore it… in that case, just move on. It’s like winning the lottery… don’t count on it but if you win, good for you.

THANK YOU for a normal answer. Yes, banking on it would not be a good idea, but thanks for the advice

JPM25 - Cool got it. Good advice. Good post in the watercooler section too

Good luck, and don’t be like this guy…

This is freaking hilarious XD

If I were a judge, I would just start laughing IN YOUR FACE! and then I would ask what the hell the CFA is, because he’s a judge that paractices law, not finance, so he will have no idea. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. A finance designation has nothing to do with your personal conduct, outside of finance. Also, if your parent’s premiums go up, pay them the difference…while your at it grow yourself some balls, man up, and get off your parent’s insurance. Hopefully you’re making some nice bank since you passed LEVEL I. This is nothing to brag about.

It baffles the mind that CFA candidacy would be relevant evidence of character for a speeding ticket.

Perhaps your CFA candidacy might be used as character evidence if were you to be charged with financial fraud, in that you had put all that work into passing Level I, and it would not be in your interest to throw all that hard work and reputation away by embezzling millions from your clients, but is little in the CFA curriculum that would suggest that you are a better observer of parking regulations and speed limits. (right, you passed Level I, yes?)

Go ahead and mention it if you must, but be prepared to hear that it is irrelevant. The purpose of the ethics is that your behavior is supposed to reflect the integrity and professionalism of the financial community. Whether you have a lot of speeding tickets or not is not going to make clients draw reasonable conclusions about whether you lie to them, cheat them, or have bad judgement on how to invest their money.

In any case, your character really doesn’t make a difference in a speeding infraction. What matters is whether you actually sped or not. If you show contrition, you might get the fine and points lessened, but that’s about it (and that’s worth a try). If you challenge the ticket and fail, most judges will automatically give you the maximum penalty for wasting their time, unless you’re Numi.