How to keep momentum after work?

Very difficult to insist on studying after working, I have done nothing these two days. Starts to worry.

Spread out the hours you study for the exam. Do 1 hour before work…stay an extra hour at your workplace to study before you go home. And maybe do another hour before you head to bed.

I find studying more than an hour at a time a waste of time; low motivation = low concentration.

Good luck!

Can you get anything done at work? I found a building ground floor hall that has tables and chairs and isn’t too noisy where I study every day for about an hour. There’s nothing there to distract me like there is at home so I get a lot done in that hour.

Regarding studying at home, yeah, I hear you on that one. By the time I’m done with dealing with the kids evening routine and having dinner, it’s usually about 9:00-9:30 and the last thing I want to do is study. The main distraction for me is having dinner in front of TV and getting into a show. The trick for me is to let my wife decide what we watch and hope she picks something I’m not interested in (reality TV show, book show, singing/dance competition, etc). I think setting goals for yourself to complete by the end of the week is good too. I’m trying to keep up doing 1 study session a week including EOCs. I do the readings on my commute and at lunch and aim force myself to do the EOCs in the same time frame. Because I don’t want to be doing them on Sunday I force myself to complete them during the week in the evening.

Simple-stare at yourself in the mirror and say “Today is the day of days.”

Works for me everytime

Make a routine. For me I just made up my mind that even if its for 15 minutes, I am not going to go to bed without touching my books. Eventually you’ll end up becoming pretty regular and start planning out that time way more. It will be hard in the start ofcourse when you are crawled into your bed and half dozed off. But I never study right after I reach home. We all need time to relax and be with our families after having spent a full day at work. Afterall, we work so hard to be happy. Shouldn’t really get too hard on oneself. Just fall into a routine of studying for 45mins to an hour everyday and giving a good total 8-10 hrs on weekends.

now only the pass mail on Jan 22 with help get back momentum for me blush

I havent started studying anything yet…and i work full time…would appearing for CFA Level 2 exam dis june a good move ? need ur suggestions

Same here. I haven’t studied at all on my own. Just at tuition centre which really helps in keeping my momentum of studying continuously and following a time table. I work full time and if I pass (fingers crossed), I’m for sure going to give my best shot. There’s no point in delayed a probable pass by 1.5 years in my opinion.

Raise your testosterone - ask Lance Armstrong

Seriously, try to be happy and worry less, you will automatically get 10 to 15% boost

Typically, I try to get up 2-3 hours eariler in the morning than I would have,had I not been studying for the exam. But then, that requires me to go sleep by 9 PM and I end up losing up on my social life. However I think that its better this way than regretting later that I did not study enough because of a full-time job.

Getting up early and studying has always been so impossible for me. I just can’t focus and am dozing off half the time :confused:

Coffee - coffee is what’s up. Learn to love it and live on it. It’s essential to my daily functioning as the test gets closer. I’ve been studying since November 1 and have resorted to green tea as a healthier alternative but my coworkers and family know that when sh** hits the fan and I buckle down in mid-February, coffee will be my crutch.

On the thread topic, my motivation is failure and its driving me to study whether I want to or not. If I have a planned session, I study, and I never skip. Mondays are my my only scheduled day off each week until March 1. Wouldn’t you rather go overboard now and pass rather than give less than 100%, fail, and then decide whether to sit again NEXT YEAR and devote a few hundred hours of more time?

I attribute increased energy levels throughout the day to exercise - which I recommend you consider during the study process. I get up at 4:45 to workout every morning but Monday (as you can see, Monday is a VERY lazy day for me - I hate them), and it gets my juices flowing for the rest of the day. I, too, do my studying at the end of the day but I stay at the office to study rather than go home…too many distractions at home.

Workout and eat healthy food…try and find some time to relax during the day and laugh with co-workers it relieves a lot of stress and you feel refreshed.

cut out some form of procrastination… i will not watch tv (outside some sports) until after the exam… i also stopped drinking (maybe 1-2 rarely) until after the exam.

Training montage.

“low motivation = low concentration” Can’t agree more!!!

A bit of walking/jogging definitely helps. If done before breakfast, even better… Really helps believe me…

Good luck folks and please wish me well too smiley

Imagine a group of bankers from Goldman will bust down your door to offer you a job if you pass.

Weekends are the most difficult for me - public libraries are too distracting and I just can’t study at home - planning to go to a University library (although the commute is almost an hour!) or going back to the office (as if 5 long days aren’t enough) this weekend for a trial run - how do you all incorporate studying on weekends?

My New Years evolution was to be up at 5a 7 days a week, so on days I don’t hit the gym before work I pack up and spend a couple hours at the coffee shop on my walk to the office. It’s early enough that its still quiet and it’s a pretty relaxing way to get stuff done. And trust me I’m no morning person, this is a serious fight but I’m much more productive at 6a than 7p, after breaky and a coffee

i tried the university thing for L1 and it worked for a couple days, but in the end I wanted coffee and pyjamas and no driving on my weekends. I don’t have roomies though so all I have to do is not turn on the tv and I’m set.