How to keep your mind sharper and sharper?

How to keep your mind sharper and fresher each day when constantly working with financial models, numbers and other no-name tasks? Of course sleeping early, waking up early and exercise will help, but what else that we can do? I sleep @ mid night, wake up @ 5-6am, exercise 2-4 hours/week on Wed and Sun and maintain a good diet. Still, sometimes I found my mind drift away…

Second problem is how to keep yourself motivated to prepare yourself for unexpected project coming? I tend to procrastinate and if there’s nothing that I need to finish at hand (no deadline, boss also chills), I’ll do very minimal work (motto is “if you don’t need to solve it today, don’t do it”). But once project comes in, I think I would be in deep sh!t because there’s no time to prepare/learn/check but just action action action, and it would show how incompetent I am if i don’t prepare now.

Need your sharp, bright, fresh mind to brainstorm and advise me here plz!!

Take a fish oil supplement.

Play table tennis.

Clean your colon.

Stop fapping.

I’m sort of the opposite. I get work out of the way so I don’t have to think about, even if no deadline. Then, I let my mind wander.

oh I play badminton. Should replace for table tennis then.

Fapping means masturbation? Nope, not for female :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you are right about colon cleaning. I notice usually after I clean my colon I become more focused. Weird, don’t see any relationship between colon and brain yet… It has been 2 months I haven’t cleaned my colon and my mind has swayed.

Will buy the fish oil supplement tomorrow and try. Never taken any fish oil in my life :expressionless:

See my Power of Oneness thread.

Read Dr. Amen’s book “How to Make a Good Brain Great.”

What do you mean, “I exercise for 2-4 hours per week on Wednesday and Sunday?”

I’m not an anti-fap person, but it is true that too much fapping can take a lot of time away from other more productive activities, and over time those who do less may end up having accomplished more.

I think keeping it down to 10 or 15 times per day, max, is probably a good idea.

You meant minutes?

@Greenman: means it depends on the week. Sometimes only 2h on Sunday, sometimes 2h on Sun & 2h on Wed, sometimes 3h on Sun & 1h on Wed … Depending on whether I can book for the court to play

@bchad: lol. now I know guys have average/max no. of times to fap.

I exaggerated for comedic effect. But I agree that too much fapping takes too much time away from other stuff.

On the other hand, not enough fapping (in the absence of a regular partner) can make a man’s mind too focused on the search for carnal conversation to engage other productive activities as well.

If you know how to prepare for those unexpected projects (read research report etc), but just tend to procrastinate, I suggest to set up the 2:2 goal. Identify 2 things to do in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Once you define/limit the number of tasks, it’s much easier to find motivation to actually do them.

^ Respect. A 3 minute fap can save you a 3 hour venture for a one night stand which has tons of risk for equivalent reward.

Sounds like you got the basics down. Try taking additional supplements such as Ginko and Gingseng which improve the blood circulation flow to the brain. These are often found in energy drinks. There is not much concrete medical evidence of additional benefit, however, more blood flow to the brain likely is good for you.

Maybe you could also try deep breathing, yoga, stretching, and moments of meditation. Our brains are on overdrive these days always on the go go go. Like any other organ of the body, it needs it’s rest to renourish itself.

Reading certainly helps to motivate me. I notice that if i sit down and watch tv during dinner my future night will be different when compared to when i sit down and read during dinner. Furthermore, i suggest reading things not related to finance. I went through a Rand phase and now I’m on Nietzsche and i think this helps not only to make you as a more well rounded individual but also opens up a different view of the world. Finally, deep (correct) breathing along with meditation brings forth the manifestation of positive attitude.

On, and to appease the higher powers to be, no fap because that will turn you into a lethargic homesexual with no will power.

CFAvsMBA, that’s right

I recall wasting too much money and time when I was on the verge. A simple 2 min fap would have solved the problem. But man, this is not the way we do it here.

You beat me to it. Breath through your balls is a good saying for all the bros out there to tough to believe in such actions.

Has anyone tried Lumosity? Noticed any difference in mental performance, or is it all bull?

go for a walk, look out at your surroundings and try to change your route to work every once in a while to start?

and then try playing some interesting fun facts youtube shows at home to get your brain stimulated.

eat healthily and exercise regularly.

Is it possible that a person could just be genetically predisposed to having a weak mind? And that no amount of fap/no fap, vitamins, colon blow, transcendental meditation, etc. can possibly have an effect? The middle and left tail of the distribution must be filled with occupants - somebody has to buttress the right tail, which is a small cadre of winners. Otherwise we have a Lake Wobegon effect here.

Read the Bell Curve.

^ Respect.

By the way, CvM, do some of the conclusions of these authors bother you, given your background? Or have you thwarted the odds to become a fellow right-tail mfer like me?