How will the Dow close Friday?

my bet is -300 i will bump this when it closes

At least! DAMN. Even my neighbor’s good-for-nothing cat is scared.

I think we are close to complete capitulation my bet is -950 Edit - I now think -1200

It feels like 1997 all over again in Asia. Japan down 10 percent, Australia down 7 percent and South Korea down 8 percent as markets around the world are gripped by recession fears. And the selling continues this grim Friday session.

what now we have oracle at AF?

+852 Why? Something, something, either the gummit, or something else, creates a catalyst.

Keeo dreaming

Keep dreaming

BosyBillups Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > +852 > > Why? Something, something, either the gummit, or > something else, creates a catalyst. I really want to believe this, but their creditability is waning in the eyes of the world. We all know they’re doing all they can to keep this from deteriorating further, but right now, even mom and pop are getting taking their chips off the table and every rally in the past two weeks has collapsed quite dramatically. Maybe its better to let the markets bleed it all out.

I agree 100%. But markets don’t work that way. Markets are often illogical. Why do you think that 90% of traders lose money? Markets that are very oversold will bounce, either via short covering, false confidence, or whatever… this is the nature of the markets. Human psychology has not changed because of the credit crunch. Panic creates more panic, which creates huge buying opportunity. period. Buying creates more buying, which creates huge selling opportunities.

Gartman called for a 1,000 points off the Dow yesterday morning. He got 678 points today so I’m thinking another 322 and we’re good. [But please note that I tried calling a bottom on this forum twice now] Willy

Do you pay for Gartman, willy?

What pi$$es me off is that CNBC, the government, and everyone thinks that markets can ONLY go up. If they don’t go up, they are “disfunctional.” These are the markets!!! They ebb and they flow!!! Let them Ebb and Flow!


I don’t pay for any investment letter/journal I get. I’ve been doing this for a bit and I just happen to acquire access to these letters through time. I like Gartman, but not so much. He’s very sensational. I like Don Coxe’s Basic Points best. Don makes sense to me and although his essays are lengthy and filled with the kind of language that only a Law graduate could have, he’s quite good. Willy

  • or - 100pts

Down 1800. Seriously.

That cannot happen since circuit brakers will kick in.

I thought those only kick in in the last hour of trading? Does anyone know what the rules of this are?

Question answered. I still stand by 1800