How'd you guys do on the Gmat?

how’d people that have taken the Gmat do on it?

First time I took it I got a 510.

I’m sure everyone will say ~700+. But this homie couldn’t crack above 620 on all my practice attempts. Taking the real one twice didn’t get me above a 600. Laugh it up. I’m doing just fine.

the gmat was dumb. with enough time and practice, most people should be able to get a good score.

is the GRE easier than the GMAT ? A lot of B-Schools are accepting both now.

1st attempt: 600; 2nd attempt: 660

Attempt #1 was in my last year of undergrad when I thought I might want to get an MBA down the road. Attempt #2 was after I had been in the working world for a few years.

can the schools see your 600 score?

I wrote a long time ago, so the scores have probably long since been deleted.

I only got a 600, but that’s because I was in school full time and working, so I didn’t put too much time into studying. Also I don’t standardize test well. I’m great with actual knowledge tests like the CFA, but not the BS like SAT and GMAT.

Funny you mention that, as I think I’m the same way. I think it’s because you are actually learning something instead of regurgitating information in an expected manner.

730 - I’m generally a good test taker, my mother was an English teacher, and my corporate finance job left a lot of free time for MasterGMAT, which kind of makes it into a game.

Never took GMATS but took GREs. My mother is an English professor as well. I scored in the 98%.

^ Thought your mom was a truck driver?

hopefully 800

Highest I could get on the real thing was 680. Very frustrating since I got 700-760 on my practice exams towards the end. I just couldn’t crack the sentence corrections that well, always brought down my verbal score.

I got a 700 first time. Will be retaking it next month, along with the GRE. It’s going to be a brutal stretch.

That’s a pretty wide gap. Were your practice test scores from the actual GMAT prep software? Those are by far the most accurate. You can download it for free on the official gmat website; it comes with 2 tests.

how’d you get in?was your undergrad in finance or something else?

I’m black -> Diversity. The end.

Just got 740 yesterday. Ran out of time on quant, going to retake in a month targeting 760.