how's an 80 ?

Hey ya all !! MY prep ws decent … .studied for around 11-12 days with full vigour… coming from an MBA finance background, i took it a little easy … it didn’t turn out all that easy … towards the end of the schweser tests (i.e. the last 3 sessions) i ws scoring arnd 85+ marks outta 120 … I didnt feel satisfied after taking the exam but i think i should manage an 80 in both sessions… thats arnd 160 outta 240 … wut do u say my chances are ?


Of being understood? Very slim with spelling/txtspk like that.

didn’t you get the memo? All you had to do was simply write “MBA” instead of the test center code and it was a guaranteed pass. Why people fail to check their e-mail is beyond me…

I wonder why they did not give gurjeet CFA charter right on the spot. I mean, his MBA in conjuction with his profound knowledge of English should be enough of a reason to hold a charterholder ceremony right in the test center.

oh, he’s definitely a finance major seeing as he doesn’t know basic grammar. oh wait, i was a finance (and psychology!) major…no wonder i don’t use capital letters more often… that or english is his second language, which is forgivable. however, his asking us whether he will pass when we are not the cfa institute, nor do we know how many correct answers he scored when compared to the yet-determined curve, is not forgivable.


Hah… you guys are fun!

I got the answer !!! Wonder how many of you all can manage an MBA … ? hehe !

You shouldn’t be drinking while studying gurjeet.

Gurjeet’s right folks… Any backstreet MBA pwns CFA anyday! Doesn’t it, Gurjeet?

That’s not what i’m saying. I’m took CFA level I along with my MBA. I’ll be completing my MBA in march next year. If you people don’t wanna give positive opinions then why give negative ones ? You may choose to not reply

gurjeet Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > That’s not what i’m saying. I’m took CFA level I > along with my MBA. I’ll be completing my MBA in > march next year. If you people don’t wanna give > positive opinions then why give negative ones ? > You may choose to not reply or you could do a search and realize that it is widely known that >70 on the exam is a sure pass. So you can see how your bravado in your first post may come off as a bit presumptuous and irritating.

Its not 70%+ that i’m expecting to get… I’ll “manage” an 80 outta 120 … thats 66.66 %

Apologises to all if you all thought i was bragging…

Hmm… well now that you’re implying decency in your post, I’d oblige… For one, a lot of people here have been at full-time jobs (including yours truly). And I can bet my bottom dollar that studying with that is way more difficult. If anything, you had your MBA studies to supplement your CFA studies… So don’t knock what you know fk all about… As for your original question, well according to most posters here, you should get 65%+ to pass.

You really need to cut down on your slang language if you are serious about a career in finance gureet. Words like “wanna” and “wut” paints a pretty bad impression of yourself. They let you write like that in your MBA course?

Thanks a lot non_kool and Tokyo. I’ll try my best to not use slangs on this forum. Anyways, when do you expect the result to be declared ? I got my campus placements begining in a couple of weeks and it would be nice to be able to mention a Level I on my CV if at all that happens.

Gurjeet, The results normally come out usually between Jan 16- 20th.

An MBA from where? Some online college? Finance major? Well, me too, I am a finance major graduate student (with a Statistic/Applied math major from undergrad) While I don’t find most finance topics covered in Schweser’s that difficult, except for derivatives, the accounting stuff is a pain in the neck. Not difficult but too much to be remembered especially if you only studied 11-12 days. And Schweser’s mock exams are good at giving you bits and pieces, ask you to put them together. And that’s NOT easy at all. Studied 11-12 days? If you already obtained an MBA then it is reasonable for me to assume that you have a job. For most people (at least everyone I know who studies CFA/FRM/CFP) it will take some time to balance between working and studying and usually for the first few days one can’t really concentrate and keep reading for more than 3 hours. So if you really pulled it off like that … make sure you put it on your resume People here participating in AF put months into the CFA exam and giving up a lot of things. If you’re that good, show your talent elsewhere, apply it at work or something … don’t be a D|||BAG