How's everyone celebrating after the exam?

The waiting begins on whether we will be writing again or becoming chartholders…however how is everyone going to do for the rest of the summer until the results come out. Must feel different not studying no more. I had big plans to drink and celebrate after the exam but ended up knocking out early from the exhaustion.

Being from Toronto the whole city is shut down for the Toronto Raptors parade. It is epic. it was such a tease studying while the playoffs were happening.

Planning on taking some time to enjoy the summer, spend time with the family and drink some nice brews and anxiously wait for the results .

I’m off for 4 weeks. Right now at my parents’ lake house fishing, reading (nothing finance related!) , training and boozing. Feels weird not having to study. God I hope I’m done with CFA.


Haven’t had one drink since New Years since I wanted to give this exam my all. Now I’m off for 2 weeks and I’ll see if I can drink 6 months worth of alcohol in 2 weeks

”my parents lake house” makes you sound like such an entitled mommas boy. I bet you tell that your “father is a lawyer” when you get caught speeding by the cops

i don’t own a car

I’m on my fifth beer and experiencing very negative roll

take the daddy’s Range Rover

negative roll yield?

Yes. Whatever that is

How long after results (if passed) will you guys start studying for Level 4?

double down and leverage that with jägerbombs.

I picked up a Hobie Pro Angler kayak last week and did my first fishing trip on the yak for yellowtail on Sunday… Planning to go out every sunday till late fall or when it gets too cold.

First thing I did Sunday morning was take my 1 yr old daughter to Home Depot. We filled the cart with pots, soil, plants, bushes… I don’t even know what they were but I was buying. Just trying to spend as much time outdoors for the rest of the summer as I possibly can.

I have a Hobie Mirage PA myself (14-footer). Use it mostly for in-shore fishing here in FL (west coast).

I wish I had a break. Back to the grind. I actually worked from home today. Didn’t feel like facing all the “I’m sure you’ll pass” bs from non-finance colleagues (which is 90%). As for celebration, I’ve saved up a ton of miles and was thinking of taking the wife and kid somewhere nice. Maybe Aruba.

Agree with you on this. Took a day off after the exam to avoid people…it’s as if they know what theyre talking :neutral_face:

Just booked a camping trip for next weekend. Going to be nice to get outta dodge for a bit with the lady and the dogs and more than few bottles of booze. I’m still coming down from it all. Checking AF every 30 minutes like it’s a drug lol. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect I think I (we) tend to focus more on what we didn’t know and less on what we did know. I’m willing to bet many of us will be surprised when we see the final results. If you’re anything like me, take some time to yourselves and try and make good again with all those people you neglected for the past 6 months (or several years). Kudos to all for making it this far. Now let’s enjoy the summer!!

Coming home to Toronto for a couple weeks in July :slight_smile:

Thank god most of the games occurred during working hours here, though I did watch game 6 starting from the 2nd half. Hey I could use a break the day before D-day right :stuck_out_tongue:

Running different scenarios on possible scores on the exam.