How's everyone feeling?

I’m looking at 56 AM/58 PM best case scenario. Def getting zero for AM fixed income.Rest of AM was okay-ish. Thought i’d bring it home in the PM, but there was just too much enemy fire to catch a friend. *sigh*

Couldn’t really sleep all night. Tossing and turning… hmmm. wonder why…

here are my mock scores:

and honestly i still dont feel confident. the AM was pretty straightforward, ran outta time, but barely (think: ~5/180 points left blank) and i feel decent about the rest.

the PM: distaster. absolute bloodbath. ethics? what was that?! i hope i mustered a 42ish/60.

im on pins and needles

I feel like shit.

Results are going to come out tomorrow and half this board is still going to be searching for a tell.


Results are going to come out tomorrow and half this board is still going to be searching for a tell.

let us dream

Haha for L1 in 2017 the results were delayed for a lot of people. I got mine at around 11am EST. If that happens again, my heart might not be able to take it.

Strangely I’m not feeling nervous at all these past few days compared to how I felt for levels 1 and 2. Surely tomorrow will bring good news in Jesus name. Amen!!

Whatever the result, I hope the email will be available @ 9am. Last year I got mine exactly at 9am but year before that the results were delayed by 3-4 hours. I think I refreshed my mailbox every 5 seconds. It was such a torture.

I never got an email for my level 1 results. Up to now I don’t know why that email never came. I had to check my results on the website.

L1: Pass email at 6:45 AM PST

L2: Fail email at 2:30 PM PST (Was essentially in tears just wanting the torture to be over)

L2: Pass Email at 6:15 AM PST

L3: I’m ripping my hair out because I just want to know… doesn’t help that first baby is due January 2020, just in time to ramp up the studying if need be :neutral_face:

Best of luck. I’ve had two since I started studying for level one in '17. It certainly doesn’t make things easier.

worse by the minute

Im feeling good…having fun with any click on the web trying to discover a tell

I think to help people for next year, we should make a mapping with three columns

Name Tell 1 (could register for Level 3) Tell 2 (apply for scholarship )

and lets fill these tomorrow !

I agree

And another column indicating pass and fail

and considering these as dummy variables , create a multi regression equation with confidence interval of p / t values


I can’t even breath but people say I’m cool and confident. God help me