How's the prep going?

Somehow, I’m going really slow…slower than I’d expected. I’m hardly getting any CFA studies done. I’m set to graduate in 20 days and supposed to be looking for jobs. So, not really feeling motivated enough. Done with Corp. Finance, Ethics and FSA. I don’t know how much I remember though. Would be interested in knowing how are you people doing and what have you finished studying already…

I have finished quant, econ, fixed income, most of portfolio management and just started FSA. I have changed my strategy about 3 times already. At first I was just reading CFAI, now I am reading Schweser and will go back to CFAI for parts I don’t understand. Besides fixed income I haven’t really done many problems (more of a quick read over), so I don’t think that I have retained much. I felt quant was pretty difficult this time. I will leave ethics until last, just like level one. I will still go over it many times though. I think my new plan is to do the schweser readings and then do the CFAI problems at the end of the chapter. If I can do those I will go on. I am trying to get done early because our second child is on the way in March. So I won’t get much done right before the exam. This could potentially lead to a fail, but I am still going to give it my best shot. Congrats on the graduation.

finished ethics and quant. doing econ right now. i’m mostly using schweser but doing the problems and reading examples from the cfa text as well. . it’s always changing though. for econ, the cfa reading is not too long and drawn out so i may depend more on the text than schweser. i also feel like i’m getting less done than i should be at this point… it might just be the holidays that’s making me lazy. excuses. excuses.

mwvt, that’s amazing man! you have completed a lot of stuff. I wouldn’t worry too much about retaining concepts the first time around. I;m just trying to wade through the material and underline the imp. concepts. Btw, I can’t believe that you found quants to b difficult??! What’ll happen to poor souls like me? I might bug you a lot with quants questions then.! :sunglasses: cfasf1, that’s cool stuff. is evryone doing quant and eco first bcoz of the schweser books? all, i haven’t bought them this time…and i don’t know if i will. so you guys ARE using Schweser a lot…hmmm. this is what i wasn’t sure of. using the cfai books is slowing me down a bit too. but the way they’ve explained everything is amazing! i’m aiming to complete evrything by the end of feb. the asset and equity val. book is so thick and im supposed to start that today (24 days behind my schedule). i think i should get hold of some old schweser notes for this part…there is no way i can read 600 pages without going to sleep.

did quant, started FI, and then haven’t done anything in about a month. now post-turkey, I ought to get this show on the road already. congrats on graduating ruhi!

im wondering how far along others are as well, I have started ethics, fsa, equity and stats, got through 1 reading in each (i dont do the SSs in order, I do 4 diff. topics at the same time). I am using sch and CFAI at the same time too. i am doing all end of ch qs and other practice qs in sch. I will get through most of equity and FSA and all of qm, ethics in the next month, but i wil be slowing down around january as I start studies. gl to all !

Ditto on Quant… I thought it was difficult. I have gotten through Quant and Econ. I have been focusing my studies on Schweser Notes, CFA Curriculum end of chapter questions, and Q-Bank. I am moving onto FSA next week and plan/hope to have everything besides the Asset Valuation study sessions completed by new years.

i have done nothing so far

banni, thanks. 2 people on this forum found quants to be difficult. good that you have it out of your way!! viktor, that’s a nice strategy. this way, you don’t get bored by one area. i did that in L-I myself. Bhasey, You are on a roll man…finishing everything by new yrs is an absolute dream. mikee, you sit and relax now. it’s not your style to study this soon anyway :slight_smile:

Maybe I misspoke before… I hope to have all Investment Tools study sessions (#1-9) done before New Year’s. Then tackle the Asset Valuation study sessions (#10-18) after New Year’s… Far from all completed by January.

wow…most ppl are pacing…i’m starting 1 Dec. I started studyin for Level 1 in mid march this year but with all i’ve heard about lev2 thought i’d start MUCH earlier(ie. dec 1) but looks like i’m already way behind most ppl. Anyways, good luck ppl…and ruhi>>> did you do lev1 while doin ur undergrad?

BHasey, that still sounds like a good plan. I’m sure most of us are following something similar, even though the sequence might vary. SHA_CFA, no, I’m a graduate student.

I am half way through quant. My goal is to finish quant, econ, derivatives and read through ethics once by Jan 1. That is roughly 30% of the material. Plan to do the other 70% by end of March. April and May just taking tests and reviewing. Hope it works!

Have not even registered yet…

I like your style Turkish…

I’m through ethics, FI, and most of quant. I’m shooting to finish quant and econ by the end of the year which shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve used CFAI texts for FI and ethics, and highly recommend it for at least ethics. There was no chance that I was going to read the CFAI text on quant. I found FI to be tricky at times and very boring, at least when reading the CFAI books. I’m going to use Schweser for everything else, and just use the CFAI texts for the practice problems and to clarify things. Basically I’ve been studing ~6 hours each Saturday to read new material and spend ~3 hours during the week to review what I’ve read. Currently I cannot find any motivation to study during the week. I’m going to step-up the studying come January.

I keep pushing back my start date. Already did Ethics back in Sept. Been playing with Quant a bit. Guess I will officially start my devotion on Dec 1. The hardest part will be getting back into the habit. Once I get used to not having a social life…it wont be as bad.

“I like your style Turkish…” Only way to roll, February 16th seems like a great day to start.

turkish, i remember you from L1 in december. i failed then passed in june. what’s the rationale behind starting in feb? avoiding burnout? if you have already taken L2 once, what are you doing differently this time around? would appreciate it if you could throw in a few cents on what you are thinking. if it’s too early on to get too involved in the forum, i can understand that too. thanks.

I did write in June and failed. If I were to give an excuse, I was in a ton of interviews at the time for a few jobs and didn’t have the same level of concentration or interest as I did for level I. I did however, have a fairly large study group of friends and colleagues, we all basically started studying in mid-february and did not ramp up to big days at the library until April. Of the 8 of us studying, 2 failed… I treat the test as more of a sprint than the marathon that most do…perhaps I’ll be writing again but based on those 6 that passed, I like that format too much not to try it again with more focus. When I’m studying, I’ll do 10 or 12 hours on Saturday and at least 8 on Sunday. If you’re more of a 3-4 hour per weekend day studier, you may want to start now.