I am going to watch Kimbo Slice tonight

Anyone else?

I don’t even know what that is…BTW, I got the T-shirt and it’s everything I hoped it could be and so much more.

Glad you enjoyed it. But I keep it on the DL as it looks like the other AFers are getting jealous.

I google kimbo slice, realized he’s MMA, I stopped watching after 1) it became popular and 2) Cro-Cop lost to that second douchebag, the first one against Gonzaga I can handle, but the second one was just BS cause the tall guy kept running away like a panzie.

Yeah I really enjoy watching big, menancing African-american males fight. I never seen Cro-Cop in Pride but he sucks @ss in the UFC.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=3jGKMNz-wP4 In my mind, crocop and wanderlei silva were two of the best of their time. UFC has too many panzie fighters that go for decisions whereas pride is guys that tend to shoot for either a KO or tap, and cro-cop amazing there.

Im watching.

FACK. I recorded the crappy CBS Fight card. (I think they stretched 4 fights over 2 hours) And it didn’t record the Kimbo fight. It didn’t even get to the freakin introduction. This was supposed to be my reward for a hard day’s work. This makes me sad.

Wait its on now. And he’s getting his ass kicked.

just happened to turn off the hockey game recording in time for the slice fight. it’s pretty good.

Holy crap. He just about took his ear off! Brutal!

wtf happened to thompson’s ear? that’s nasty.

How did the 1st part of the fight go? I turned into the end of the 2nd and Kimbo was getting destroyed.

Kimbo Kimbo kimbo!!! The middle weight fight was awesome…

is this pay per view? i heard tyson was going to fight this kimbo slice dude. sorry, i obviously don’t really know what’s going on

it was actually on CBS of all channels

NG/ MGG how did the 1st and 2nd rounds go?

WHAT?? wow. this stuff has gone mainstream. i would have watched it if it was free!

2nd round the Brit had Kimbo on the ground head to cage and was just dropping punches, Kimbo just layed there until the round ended. 1st round was back and forth… It was the second fight they ended pre-maturely tonight.

Dude I think that was a pretty good stopage. That guys ear is fvcked for life.