All, When I go to "Sign up for an Exam’ or whatever I am able to see the link that says Register for the CFA Program Level III exam!!! Does anyone else see this???

congratulations ! lol signup now

I think your bluffing. This is what it says on the CFAI website: Enrollment/registration access will be closed from 9:00 a.m. ET on Saturday, 16 August - 9:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, 19 August. The 15 August deadline for December 2008 exam is extended to 22 August.

i see it also. go to your account and under cfa program i see a link to register for level 3. of course the registration will fail cause the site is down this weekend. anyone else see it?

I am not bluffing. heres what you do once youre on the homepage: 1) Click on “Exam Details and Logistics” under the blue ‘Find out More About’ results 2) Click on “Sign Up” for an exam under “Ready to take your exam?” 3) Click the big “GO” button where it says sign up for an exam 4) Once I get to that screen, I see “Register for the CFA Program Level III Exam” under “CFA Program” and right above “View CFA Program Exam Results” Does anyone else see this??

this is lose. You will either get excited by seeing what you think is a pass which may not pan out Tuesday, or could severly let yourself down by not seeing anything and thinking you’ve failed

I see the original “CFA Program Level II Registration”, which mean I fail ?

Yep, I see “CFA Program Level II Registration” and I already registered.

I don’t have it, I still have CFA Program Level II Registration.

quite unbelievable they will let this kind of thing happens, hope it’s not true

steven, don’t get too worked up over it. i think these guys are full of sh*t. which isn’t funny on the weekend before results, by the way.

and i won’t check mine, because halifax is right, the last thing i need now is a false positive or negative.

dinesh.sundrani Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Yep, I see “CFA Program Level II Registration” and > I already registered. That is exactly what I see. I wouldn’t worry about it.

case closed. mcleod and dinesh both did not fail.

>… i think these guys are full of sh*t. may be someone think it’s funny. But it’s not

Guys – not bluffing. I see it

we definately see it, its not a joke. but your right, it may not mean anything. if you don’t see it , doesn’t mean you fail. maybe the site is in the process of updating and some candidates are updated while others will be done later.

I would agree with AFJunkie. From looking at last year’s posts, it looks like the same thing happened a little bit before the exam. It looks like they update it in batches. I mean - they have like 50,000 people’s registration’s to change. It surely doesnt all update at once.

Infinite and Ak Where you guys write your exam? we might find some pattern how they update the result

New York