I don’t trust people who don’t drink coffee...

I’m not sure how to describe this. It makes it harder to just “go for a walk and talk” if you’re looking to connect with a colleague. Makes me feel like the person is less philosophical. Completely unfounded, I admit. Whatever it is, I can’t put my finger on it but I can’t trust non-coffee drinkers.

Double the distrust if they are not just non-coffee drinkers, but get their caffeine in an artificial way, say like guzzling a Mountain Dew or Monster-type drink.

What if the person drinks tea instead?

Tea is acceptable, because you can get it where I’m going for coffee and we’re sharing the hot drink thing.

Until I was about 23, I was unaware that tea came in any form other than iced tea.

Agreed. I’ve worked with multiple people over the years who hit the vending machines for Diet Cokes at 8am. The fuck?

Coffee is the elixir of the gods.

does anyone watch comedians in cars getting coffee? the episode with larry david has a hilarious bit about him drinking tea while his ex wife drank coffee - ill see if i can dig it up.

I have no observations, cause I’ve never met a non-coffee drinker!

i dont like/drink/ or need coffee. but since its free in the office. i drink a lot of that shit and put a lot of creamer and that raw brown sugar. with oj on the side.

our summer intern didn’t drink coffee…but neither did I when i was 21 years old. awwww 21 years old…damn that was 10 years ago…playing golf with fellow teammates in not so sunny northern CA weather and worrying about the impending mid term misery week…

Agree. That’s why I’ll never understand the iced coffee drinkers

Saw that, pretty funny. I thought they were kind of fake laughing in the actual coffee shop towards the end…

Espresso or Hacksaw. Thos drip coffee stuff is crap.

i could see that - but i like to think they just know each other so well and have so much history they crack each other up just by being around each other. to be fair if i sat at a table with larry david i would just start laughing - hes a goofy looking guy!

1 cup of coffee a day and I’m done. Greek coffee basically dissolves so you pretty much ingest the coffee grains too. That shit is like 4 espressos and will have you go to go until you wake up the the next morning.

I really like Larry David and I can’t stand Jerry Seinfeld. He raises my jerk alert through the roof. I don’t understand how are they friends…

I used to be an 8 cups a day man, then I quit for 18 months and now I have maybe 1 cup every other day. Not drinking any coffee definitely presents a challenge for social engagement and networking in the US. Your only credible option is a tea. Decaf coffee is ridiculous and you don’t want to be the guy that got a hot chocolate.

The one thing I will say, I have met a fair few people who don’t drink any coffee and they tend to be very high energy individuals. I definitely find my energy levels are way higher when I don’t drink any coffee at all.

I also don’t get why Americans are so big on ‘soda’ and energy drinks. If you’re over 25 and you drink red bull/ monster etc you need to have a long hard look at yourself.

YES! :+1: :grin:

i mix red bull and monster all the time with my alcohol. whats wrong with that?


Hope you are early 20s.

20 years ago in a breakfast meeting trying to close deal on new client. Waitress comes by and asks if I would like any coffee. Yes, please. “Any cream or sugar?” “No thanks, just black for me.” Potential client looks me straight in the eye and says, “I like a man who drinks black coffee.” Deal closed in 20 minutes.