I hate

-cab drivers -shotty wifi -hipsters -save the whales nonprofit liberals in b school -CPAs -qqqbee haters

I hate how the government takes so much money from us in taxes, and then totally burns it away. Land of the free? Which part is free? If I want to live, I have to work. If I work, I get my money taken. But you know, I can understand the govt needs money to run. ok, I’ll take it. So, where’s the money going? 1 trillion on iraq and afghanistan. where are the wmd’s? Farm subsidies? Yes let’s pay these people to leave their land alone. no matter that people in the world are starving. Let’s be SMART about this. Is that so much to ask for?

I hate hipsters. + 10000 Quantjock, nothing ironic about a sideways haircut, just so so so F X X K lot of stupid.

-I hate organic produce -I hate middle age women, most are completely devoid of any brain cells. -I hate your screaming kids in public -I hate telemarketers… morningstar I’m fvcking looking at you -I hate ignorance -I hate the uneducated -I hate the lazy -I hate the stupid -I hate the last swill of a cup of coffee… why are you always so cold and gross? -I hate those that gossip and those that can only talk behind one’s back. -I hate that Seattle sports teams are so godd@mn pitiful every year… -I also hate hipsters… you dirty unoriginal fvcks. You’re the new emo kids and guess what, I hate you more. Quant, why the hate for cab drivers? You know how many DUI’s I’ve avoided in my lifetime because of those guys? Give them some credit, most are hard working dudes, some are scam artist but most are decent (albeit smelly).

I hate old money families that take their family business public with dual-class share structures so they can effectively retain control of the board. Screw you. You want access to the capital markets, don’t take an investors money and then deny them any voice in the corporate governance. I also hate the last swill of coffee. Some kind of black magic happens with that last ounce to make it taste like gritty horse piss.

i hate how cab drivers b!tch and moan if i want to use a credit card. i get that their companies can charge them a good amount for CC transactions, but i don’t want to hear about it.

brian, this is one of the many reasons. The cab drivers at my old college were notorious for driving around the block for no reason among other things to jack up the fare. marcus phoenix Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > So I had a pretty wild weekend this past week and > ended up losing my cell phone in a cab. The driver > called my buddy up and said he wanted to return > the phone for money and ended up not returning and > stealing my phone. >

I don’t hate anything. Soddy only loves…

Why so much hate for hipsters?

QQQBee says to hate a cab driver is to hate yourself. Repent my friend.

dont be a hater

you all


QuantJock_MBA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > -cab drivers > -shotty wifi > -hipsters > -save the whales nonprofit liberals in b school > -CPAs > -qqqbee haters Why CPA’s? And cab drivers?? Don’t you also deserve to be hated? On that note, I hate QuantJock_MBA.


Please scroll up to see why I hate cab drivers. Please scroll down on BO Home to see why I hate CPAs.

QuantJock_MBA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > -save the whales nonprofit liberals in b school They get to be the heroes in a morality play.

  • People that bitch about a 40 hour work week - People that crowd in front of the elevator - People that bitch about being fat (Go run, quit eating McDs) - Shopping - Bad drivers - Eggplant - Jabronis & Guidos unless it’s MVP - Getting copied on random emails - Bad fund wholesalers - Redundancy - People who pretend to know what they’re talking about. I will call you out.

Really large people walking slowly in phalanxes, so you can’t walk past them or through them… you just gotta wait until they get to an intersection, or walk out in the street to get by them. Unfortunately, you get a lot of these in the tourist season.

Chuckrox8 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > - Bad fund wholesalers THE WORST!