I killed testrac

I was getting raped so bad by mock 1, (seemed like it anyway) that the site has crashed. Anyone else having problems??

i have problems too

Yeah just went down a few minutes ago. Damnit. “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”


Just got dropped. I think it could not handle the truth. Or my lack thereof.

fooook me.

me too…can’t continue…

Just got kicked off too. Think I was doing so bad it crashed as well. I’m actully ok with not knowing my score for a while.


me too… this is total sh!t

this sucks…right in the middle of mock 2…that sucks big time

What the FU@K? I paid 100 bucks for a fu@king practice test and they can’t even get a server that will support the traffic 1 week before the exam?? I am so F ing p!ssed right now.

FU Testrac!

spent the last ten min. trying to get on to recieve my long awaited beat down from test 2, …the short one. ??? sample or mock???

Man I wish we could do print outs, that time series regression on mock one made me throw my stapler ten cubes over. Edit: Still haven’t found it. Good thing the place is deserted.

If this thing stays crashed for the rest of the day, I will be seriously pissed. I have scheduled out my remaining days, and this afternoon was mock #2. I may have to call an audible. Gawdammit.

This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.

how long are we suppose to wait around for this sh#t

This is bullsh!t, my whole plan today centered around taking this f_ing mock 2 exam… For many people this is their last full day of preparation. We should all demand our $100 back

Anyone try calling? I’m overseas so it’s not really an option. Unless my clock stopped, I’ll be out of time with 3 item sets to go when this time reloads. So utterly frustrating.