I need an employment lawyer in california and/or moscow

Guys, The firm in Russia reneged my offer after I left my job, sold my car and rented my apartment. The Russian partner who signed the employment offer is a US permanent resident (he used to work in private equity in LA). His wife is a lawyer at Paul Hastings in Los Angeles. If we can’t reach a settlement, I need to know whether I can go after the partner in US courts. If anyone knows a good employment lawyer who can work on contingency, feel free to email me at Danteshek@gmail.com. D.

Best of luck, man.

Steve Horner of Darien, CT is my guy. He’s very good. The best guys I have encountered are at Proskauer Rose. It’s pretty expensive though and you probably aren’t damaged enough (If you were an employee at will, they could have fired you on the first day with no particular reason). I think you need to think about the legal foundations here a little: a) Did they breach a contract? This is the best basis, but you have to have a contract not just an offer of employment which can be terminated whenever they want. b) How were you damaged? Selling your car or renting your apartment isn’t damage because presumably you got fair price for them and your new employer wasn’t involved in the transaction. c) Were you defrauded? Did they take anything from you like intellectual property? Honestly, based on the details you have posted I don’t see anyone taking the case even on a fee-per-hour basis, to say nothing of contingency. What is your legal basis for wanting to sue them? Edit: I don’t want to seem unsymapthetic here. Your situation really does suck, I just don’t think lawyering up is likely to make your life any better.

Take a couple of weeks to cool off before you send good money after bad. If I remember correctly, position paid less than 70k, correct? What can you really do about it - finance is a volatile field; we may be here one day and not here the next. Just keep searching, something will work out.

Good advice, Steve has more of my money than $70K. The smartest guy I have met in this arena is Ed Baum at Proskauer who was not my attorney but charges like $800/ hour. Each question costs you big. Hi Ed. How’s things? Fine Did you get my e-mail? Yes, frankly I thought it was ridiculous

I think you do have some legal recourse… i forget the exact legal jargon… something along the lines of equitable estoppel (?) or injurious reliance.

Wow…that stinks. Looks like a lot of people are having rough days today. Sorry to hear. I wish I could give you some good advice here but have never found myself in a situation like this.

Lawyers suck Don’t hire one until there are no other options. I would seriously try a long, guilt-ridden letter to the person who signed your employment letter. Begging is better than lawyer battles. Always strive to stay out of lawyer’s cross hairs

Damn dude - this sucks. Read your contract carefully and think about how much you can push this. Weren’t you going into M&A over there? In general M&A positions are hit pretty hard right now, so even if you could push back, would it be worth it? These people definitely owe you though - that is BS. You may want to start calling around the firm (ie Management, nicely, calm and hold back your pissed off feelings) and ask if they can still honor their offer of employment, but possibly in a different role due to the current environment - if you still want to work for this company. Good luck with everything - def. keep in touch with family/friends often and keep hitting the gym if possible to regulate the mind/body. I haven’t had anything like this happen to me either but often in random/crazy situations like this if I get on a treadmill/go for a run or workout, my mind will piece together the best course of action.

sorry to hear that bro. hope it works out for you.

Just checking, but is the firm registered in Russia, and thus operating under Russian laws? That’s a whole (enormous) 'nother can of worms. If so, I don’t think I’d waste another second thinking legal options. Money down the toilet. Write that letter, be polite and detailed, and hope you can get enough $$$ to pay rent for a few months. Might also be good to check back with your old employer.

I’ll give them a week. I’ve already written a guilt-ridden letter to the partners asking for 3 months salary up front ($16,500). I’ve already told all my Moscow contacts. They are just as floored as I am, especially considering this firm was considered one of the best places to work in Moscow. If they are not reasonable, I will ramp up my efforts to embarrass them and explore legal action. EDIT: the firm is a Russian firm, but the top executive whose decision it was to screw me is an American. He is the former head of Deutche Bank in Russia. The partner who signed my offer is a Russian who went to HBS, and worked at KKR and Lehman.

bruizeman Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I think you do have some legal recourse… i > forget the exact legal jargon… something along > the lines of equitable estoppel (?) or injurious > reliance. You’re thinking of promissory estoppel which is really just a fancy name for exactly this kind of thing - someone makes you a promise which you rely on and then get damaged when they renege on the promise. In a promissory estoppel case, you try to get the court to enforce the original promise. Alas, since the promise of employment can be withdrawn at any time for any reason it is not much of a promise. It has faired really badly in court. Edit: Also, promissory estoppel would need to prove that there is an oral contract for long-term employment. Since there is a written offer that probably doesn’t include what you are claiming in the promissory estoppel case, you would be in trouble.

This is the single most effed up situation I have ever heard of in my life. I’m really sorry, brother.

Geez…Really? There are lots more f-ed up situations.

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Danteshek, dobro pozhalovat’ v Rossiu or welcome to Russia. Although you predicament is unfortunate, it serves as your first lesson of how business (for most part) is done in Russia. Holding them legally liable will be a joke. Russia does not operate this way. And holding them personally liable would be an even bigger joke. US does not operate that way. P.S. Was that you who raised money online from other people?