I predict

Just gonna write this for future reference,I predict the whole pandemic $hit show will be over before may.With the most vulnerable groups getting the vaccine death rates would be slashed astronomically on top of Democrats no longer needing to push Lock downs with Biden in office.
Not claiming covid is a hoax but the Democrats definitely did use it to destroy Trump.

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Don’t be true to your handle’s last name bro. How you been?

Doing great,tank. Work is eating up most of my time which leaves me little spare time to create posts about Indians wanting to break into finance. How are you? Weight Training at home?

If the Trump administration was effective in handling the pandemic and people exercised common sense, there wouldn’t have been a need for a lock down and waste trillions upon trillions of dollars to help the economy.

By the way, Bernie is now the budget chairman. I don’t know how i feel about this.

Trump used it to destroy himself.

Trump defiantly made a joke out of the pandemic with things like Injecting bleach and whatnot,that being said I honestly don’t think the situation could have been handled differently. Each country/state has so many different variables & parameters that it becomes hard to gauge who has done a good job.
The whole federal vs state implementation of policies do not help in figuring out what went wrong either.

With all due respect,who did a good job during the Pandemic? I just think Trump failed the PR part of the pandemic,but no other administration could have done a better job.

I disagree.

Other administrations could have told the truth. Other administrations could have listened to scientists and doctors. Other administrations could have led by example.

Trump’s utter lack of leadership and persistent lies were at least reprehensible, likely criminal.

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree in that the situation could have been handled much better. The President downplayed the virus since day one, and continued to do so, even after being infected himself and needing oxygen. If instead, he let the head of the CDC do all the talking and encouraged people to wear masks while shopping indoors (rather than mock its use), then people would probably still die, but not in the hundreds of thousands.

If people wore masks on day one, the virus would take longer to spread and there might not have been a need to lock down the economy. Instead, we had people in large gatherings with no-one wearing masks all over the country. Only in the US will people make wearing a mask to slow the spread of virus a “political” issue.

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“Could have” is too much wishful thinking when talking about such policies.You are comparing the most optimal (in your view) scenario against reality.While this approach works well for sitting back and criticizing any policy I don’t think it has much merit in the real world. Could the administration have done a better job? Of Course. Would a Democrat admin have done a better Job? Not very sure.

I personally think the Pandemic exposed holes and bugs in the System at so many levels and was not related to a specific administration.Lets be clear, the “scientists” and “doctors” became so pigeonholed about the Pandemic that they practically were in favor of shutting down the entire country while turning a blind eye on BLM protests and such.

Whatever violence from BLM protesters is the responsibility of the local authorities (police, sheriff, etc), not medical doctors trying to save lives. And let’s be clear that the police did their job in this regard.

I am not defending Trump here,lets be clear. Trump did definitely mock the virus and only took it seriously when he wanted to attack china and please his own constituents,that being said I am not entirely sure things would have been much different under another President. Much of the problem IMHO stems from the system as a whole and not a specific administration.

So the BLM stuff is the responsibility of local authorities whilst many state level covid policies are the result of federal ones? Hahahaha

Good point that with the most vulnerable populations vaccinated, things may open up earlier than expected.

This whole period feels kind of reminiscent of 08/09 when Obama came in after the Bush sh!tshow of 2008. Obviously completely different drivers and scenario entirely, but that crisis resolved pretty rapidly as well after Obama came in.

Look, the States are more than capable of handling a few protesters. The pandemic, on the other hand, requires a close coordination between State and Federal officials. There is only so much resources available to treat patients in any given State. There are only so many ICU beds. Normally, the number of beds wouldn’t have been an issue, but the pandemic resulted in many people needing ICU beds, all at the same time.

More like waiting to train instead of weight training. Body has become puffy and weak as I spend time permanently crouched over my workstation like some imprisoned automaton. But other than that, I can’t complain.

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You’re the one who introduced the could-have motif.

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around 402k americans now died of covid as of now according to Google. The number of deaths cited in that article more than doubled in just 4 months.

It’s funny how people looking to blame trump go for the absolute number of deaths in US. It’s a bit same an economist comparing GDP of USA and Denmark in absolute terms. It doesn’t make sense.

Oh and wasn’t banning traveling from China racist in February when trump made the call? Biden and Fauci surely thought so and so did half of the country. The tone changed a bit once the other countries followed suit and followed trumps decision, including the Schengen countries!

I’m not advocating that trump did an awesome job handling the pandemic, he was a disaster. But seeing people pretend that USA would have done just fine with someone else in charge is just utter bs. Belgium, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain got screwed over by COVID even though they had “adults in charge”