I rejected a phone interview.....Did I make a blunder?

OK guys, I was offered a telephone interview as a 5th round interview, but instead I wrote back to the firm saying that I was happy to take a day off work and come for a face-to-face interview, and they took up my offer. Do you think I did the right thing? Any particular reason why I should have stuck with a telephone interview (even though it’s too late now). Thanks

Nah, you made the right decision. Face time is always good and you showed initiative.

Not for a fifth round. You done good.

More ballz than I’ve got.

Wonder if in two years you will be back on this forum with the name ERToDoctor

Not for the fifth round. It is a blunder if it is the first round.

What position are you interviewing for?

pharma equity research associate

Congratulations, so far. I remember reading a few questions you posted about your career transition.


Bad sign that they wanted you to do a phone interview for the fifth round. Good sign that they accepted a face-to-face interview. A phone interview that late in the game sounds like a blow-off so you did the right thing.

nope - if they were not interested they would not waste time with a phone interview…the person responsible for interviewing probably travels alot and therefore conducts a number of interviews over the phone… it was a good choice to request to see them face to face…I know my MD would respect that choice

If I was in charge of hiring someone I would never make a decision based on a phone interview. It is definitely a blow-off.

there could be a 6th round…

No 6th round. They have told me that the 5th round is the final round, one way or the other. thanks

seems rather strange… Good luck

i thought it was kind off strange too.

Maybe they already decided to go for another candidate? I think that’s why they did that to you in the final round. Hopefully I am wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

y must a phone interview spell a negative outcome? perhaps they already like you - but just need this last guy to give a nod. and since everyone else feels so good about you - he’s probably just doing a ‘sense-check’ and thought it could be done over the phone itself. either way - good move on requesting for a face-to-face chat. hope you land the position soon! :slight_smile: ALL THE BEST!

How many of the previous interviews have been face-to-face and how many have been phone? If they’ve already seen you once or twice, I definitely would not see the request for a phone interview in the final round as a bad thing. Maybe they already essentially made up their mind, but just had one more person they wanted to talk to you. If they’ve all been over the phone though, it is a bad sign because no one is going to hire someone without seeing them first. Either way, it shows good initiative on your part to offer a face-to-face.