I think I know the answer

Today I found out that I got another interview . . . with Lehman brothers. Only problem is its in operations and I know the attitude felt towards this job. It is a two year program in which we have to stay. After that we can TRY to transfer to other divisions. Its in New York, and any thoughts other than the “may god have mercy on your soul for going into ops” would help. Funny thing, I have never been so disinterested in a job. I went to the info session and just ate all their food and split without meeting anyone. Somehow got invited to their breakfast of 20. I did not ask a single question at that, ate all the food I could and repeatedly got up while they were talking to get more. I thought I did everything wrong and still got it. Should I even consider this job is basically is what I am asking. I am going to the interview so I can get more practice. But I don’t think I will seriously consider the job.

go into lehman, do all the ibanking etraining on their website. leave after 6 months to ibanking at another firm.

Wouldn’t I get so kind of backlash from doing this?

f-em. get in. get out. 1 year max. or hold out for something better (probably what I would do in your pos.)

“ibanking etraining on their website” Huh…

Do you have other prospects that are more promising, or interesting? I recommend you lie to yourself and interview as if you must have this job and nothing else. It is easier to get the next offer once you already have one.

Thats what I was thinking of doing. I am still waiting to hear back from RJ sometime next week, and then I also have an interview with Fisher Investments (the job also looks like no fun). Thats about it though.

Fisher Investments ?? isnt that the firm notorious for 3am infomercials? yikes.

^thus affirming the quality of jobs that come to UF haha. The guy who spoke to us looked like such a sleaze ball with his mouth gapping open the entire time even when he was not talking. The other speaker was a ridiculously attractive lady who also gave me the mock interview. I am applying for the job because I almost know for a fact that I can make a second round interview. The second round they pay to take you to San Fransisco. Who doesn’t want a free trip to Cali (with a hot recruiter)?

dont waste your time or theirs

Niblita I took a job in operations at a large I-bank right after graduation because I didn’t have the Ivy credentials. I graduated # 1 in my major (Finance major/econ minor) from a decent school avg SAT 1300-1350’ish. It was tough to get interviews so I took it. But to the point… Operations is a whole different monster. Most of the people I worked with hated their life/jobs as a result of repetitive mindless work. I began to hate mine too. I was lucky to get out of there - I jumped ship to a mid/front office role at a hedge fund through a friend of mine. Exit options are limited in an ops role at an I-bank unless you have connections to bail you out. You get labeled as an untouchable if you stay too long.

I was just being sarcastic about the free trip (not the recruiter though). Thanks value. I keep hearing the same thing. Did you start your CFA while in an ops role, and did that help you switch?

I actually started the CFA program the year I switched jobs. So it didn’t help me out in that sense.

Niblita75 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^thus affirming the quality of jobs that come to > UF haha. Auburn did some good work on that campus last night. On a serious note, don’t lose any sleep if you start in operations. This is just one poster’s opinion, but IB/FO jobs are not as easy to land as these boards (and their ilk) will lead you to believe. A silver lining would be that you’re at least working around people in the business and you never know when you’ll meet “someone who knows someone”. Secondly, if you ultimately end up on the buyside it won’t hurt that you have that experience. I know a few people who have become heavy hitters on that side of the ball who have a familiarity with how all the nuts and bolts work. Point being, if it doesn’t happen right away don’t be all sourpuss; just accept where you’ve landed and work hard. No one will hold hard work against you but they’ll sure as heck will hold shoddy work.

We just couldn’t get anything going all game. It was one of the most disappointing games I’ve been to. I agree with what your saying. Hard work is hard work is hard work, and that is what is recognized. I think part of my feelings is just the amount of posts saying how horrible a career will be starting there. I have my worries about that.

The East sure is tough to predict this year… Kind of cool though, pretty much everyone has a shot at winning it. Whoever ends up in Atlanta will certainly deserve it…

4 of the 6 teams in the SEC East are ranked in the top 12 in the AP poll. That is just disgusting. Then there’s Tennessee, who is never a pushover. Heck, even Vandy is 3-1 so far and 1-1 in the SEC. There’s not a bad team in that division, and there are 4 excellent ones. Toughest division in NCAA football, bar none. Doesn’t get any easier come basketball season either. Florida is the reigning national champ, Kentucky is Kentucky, Tennessee and Vanderbilt made the sweet 16 last year, and both UGA and SC are building solid programs (SC won the NIT twice recently, probably would’ve been a tourney team if they didn’t have 8 games a year against UF/UK/UT/VU). Just an excellent sports division.

biggest wrench in the system for the east (IMHO) is that the two “front-runners”, UF and UK, both have to play LSU so you can arguably chalk up two losses for both of them which puts two of the real contenders behind the eightball…

It’s not going to be pretty thats for sure. I will be extremely impressed if LSU can go unscathed through the SEC championship game. If they do, thats your national championship team right there (as disappointed I am in saying that). I don’t think USC will stand a chance against that defense if they are firing on all cylinders.

LSU is pretty solid… they however have some tough matchs coming up…