I think MPS was 57%

I scored 49% on the essay, and 69% on the mutliple choice. And my blue line is ever just so slightly above the MPS - so, if I scored roughly 59%, then MPS has got to be 57%

My ethics/GIPS were all 75-80% - without this, I would surely have failed.

I feel incredibly lucky to have passed. But FUCK it, pass is pass. One and done (THANK FUCK).

You can literally take out a ruler and measure the height of the MPS line. I think it’s drawn to scale.

67% AM and 75% PM. I thought I crushed the AM but I guess a pass is better than nothing!

I think its 60. Scored 52 am and 70 pm overall slightly above mps. Do u believe in ethics bump

I scored maybe a 60% or 65% on the AM and a 65% or 68% on the PM. AM saved me, did very well on that and the PM was meh. Whatever. A pass is a pass and it’s over with. Anyone know when we get our email on next steps to officially apply for the charter?

damn the 90th percentile line for PM was right around 82%. Impressive scores for a hard PM IMO

I do now. because ain’t no way in hell I’d have passed without those two topics.

I’m embarrassed to even post my scores. But, like, who cares in all honesty. It’s not like me posting my scores would have anyone change their study approach.

Is Ronan better for PM section than AM? 49% seems too conservative for me.

Myself individually would not be a good reflection of how strong of a “tutor” someone is. You gotta realize that we’re all at the helm of writing the essays, doing the work, and mastering the concepts - not the instructors.

If I were you, I would reach out to these guys and ask you their pass rates. The CFA institute prohibits the prep providers from advertising their candidate success rates, but, if you were to ask them directly I feel like it’s not breaking any rules. That’s probably the best - collective - measure of how effective a prep provider is over the other.

My nerves were definitely fried by the time I took the exam. I would like to argue for the case that they got the best of me a little. I was scoring 70’s on my mocks left right and center. But, on the real thing, I found myself erasing lots of answers, and re circling different answers. GLAD it’s over, and I’m glad I chose Nathan. I’m guessing he’d at least talk to you about his courses. I’m guessing once you see how down to earth and straightforward the guy is about what it takes to pass these exams you’ll be hooked.

But for me - I SCRAPED by with the essay LOL.

Is ethics bump under debate? I thought it was confirmed by CFAI to exist

I scored 55% on the essay, and 69% on the multiple choice, so average 62%. My line is slightly above the MPS line so your estimate of MPS of 57% seems quite accurate.

I didn’t score for any topic above 70%. Most of the scores are between 55% and 65%. I feel I have been very lucky to pass. I made some guesses in PM (5 in total) which turned out to be correct apparently and wrote on the AM part some random words in the last 10 minutes to get some points. Seems these extra points saved me.

But like you said, who cares. Pass is pass and nobody will ever ask details of your passing score.

Who cares buddy!! When u get the Charter and shine in the Fin world, being just over the MPS or 40% over the MPS does not matter. Everyone is equal unless CFAI really distinguishes between those who outperformed and those who didn’t. Heck, it does not Matta!!


I do now. because ain’t no way in hell I’d have passed without those two topics.

I’m embarrassed to even post my scores. But, like, who cares in all honesty. It’s not like me posting my scores would have anyone change their study approach.


I doubt, and guess MPS is somewhere around 61 - 62, coz I got 49% for AM, and around 66% for PM, that works out be 57.5%, and my scoreline is 2 shades lower than the MPS. And my weighted average marks indicate around 56%. So I believe it would be around 62% this time around.

And I guess I am 5 to 6 MCQ questions short or I shld’ve done better in GIPS portion, nevertheless down is a down! Sigh!

There is definitely an ethics bump of some description. I failed L2 band 10 first time round and my ethics was sub-50, almost certain I would have passed had this been higher. I suppose they need some way to distinguish between candidates now there are so many, especially for L2. 120 questions across 2 papers means a lot of people will be getting scores on or 1/2 around the MPS so you need something else to decide who passes/fails

Yeah…I also think so. You must be INCREDIBLY lucky to scrape through

I scored 57% and was by a margin below MPS. It has to be 58-59%.

Essay 65% PM 75%.

My ethics was real bad (58%) for a level 3 candidate, but the biggest weighted topic (portfolio man.) I scored 83% which comes in as a surprise. I don’t even remember one Private Wealth or Institutional question from the exam.

My mock scores were on average 60% on AM (only 6 AM exams), and 78% on PM.

So in hindsight I must say AM was easier and PM harder than what I was prepared for.

My AM around 53 % PM 75%. Just little above MPS. Guess MPS around 60 %. Portfolio management way above 90 percentile and ethics at 90 percentile. I think this contributed for my pass. Thanks MM.

My scoring lies almost between the 90th percentile and MPS. Anyway, a pass is a pass. It doesn’t matter if you barely managed to pass. lol

woww mate, my Essay score around 48% (I expected to be around 55% though) and I bumped GIPS, and my Item Set around 67%, and scored ethics above 70, my score is shade 2 below MPS, you were incredibl lucky or I am incredibly unlucky :slight_smile: