I went to a fortune teller...

about a week ago and he told me specifically (unsolicited) that I had bad luck with passing exams this coming summer. what the f#!@

Good luck proving him wrong! You will feel great passing the exam this summer!

maybe you should bribe the fortune teller to change you fortune :P. Im not sure if this is unethical. I haven’t gotten to that part in my studies…

that sucks. my suggestion would be to go to your nearest chinatown and buy a few hundred fortune cookies and open them until you get to one about having good luck in the future

ask her is there any way you can change that ?

I wouldn’t worry too much about it considering it’s all make-believe and superstition. Keep studying hard.

Stay focused on your studies… don’t believe such crap… I wouldn’t let someone else control my life…

yeah i just thought it was very funny and random. I will pass!

I pressed the random number generator button on my calculator and it said you will pass!!! but it said i’ll fail, crap… :P.

I like you guys…most of you htat are funny…any way.P:P

Why dont you go to another 9 different fortune tellers and then compile the data and take an arithmetic mean to find the average. If the average is <70% you will pass. If that does not satisfy you then i would suggest using Uncle Roy’s safety-first method and calculate your shortfall risk:-) Best thing about the above methods is that atleast you will get some practice while you are figuring out if you will pass or not!

You could also try the geometric mean since it’s usually less than the arithmetic mean - might give you a little more hope in passing.

they(fortune teller) just lie

I went to the witch doctor and he said “Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang Walla walla, bing bang” repeatedly. It was awful.

Gosh. I can’t believe you actually went to a fortune teller. Just do tonnes of QBank questions and read through in great detail your schweser/stalla notes+cfai books and you should be able to pass! Now let me be your fortune teller…*Gazes into the crystal ball*…Hey dude, you will pass!!!

HydrogenRainbow, I went to the fortune teller for fun. I didn’t even ask him about my luck with the CFA exam. Out of the blue he told me that I would have bad luck with exams which is why I thought it was kind of creepy.

Quick! Sign up for a few other exams this summer and don’t study for them. Hopefully your poor performance on these exams will make up for your awesome performance on the CFA exam.

Whatever you do, don’t take an HIV test.

Or an IQ test…

joey d, haha