I will pass CFA LEVEL 3 on June 4, 2011. Who’s with me?!

I should pass Level III on June 4, 2011. I have never been one for the positive influence stuff though.

I’m going in with an ambivalent attitude of this guy. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Rs7TODczvMU/TWVuPorDbqI/AAAAAAAAACs/07sTwetxnAA/s1600/What-me-worry-715605.jpg

My aim is all above 70%

goodman2011 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My aim is all above 70% Seems like you can do it, good luck. At the beginning that was my goal, now with 4 days to go, I will settle for just a pass. My work experience all came in approved so a pass is all I need at this point.

it is hard you know what if you set your goal as 90% and fight for it you will relatively easy get a 80% or 70% if you set goal as 70% you may get 65% or 60% that is why I set a high goal anyway if I finally get a 68% and pass , I will be happy too good luck to all try your best and god will do the rest

If I am meant to pass the exam, I will pass the 2011 CFA Level III exam.

I will pass CFA Level III on 4 June 2011

goodman2011 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > My aim is all above 70% That was my original goal, as I scored > 70% on all sections in both level one and level two. At this point I’m so exhausted with the whole process though that I don’t really care as long as I pass. Besides, even if I get >70% in all sections for the third time, I doubt I’d ever really mention it. Doesn’t really mean anything, and people would just think you’re an a-hole for bragging about it.

I will pass Level III exam on June 4, 2011.

same here. I will pass this level 3 exam this june.

My VAR is during the exam day a 5% probability the number wrong answers are more than 30%.

I will not pass on June 4th 2011: However 90 days after I will! How hard is the experience verification? Is it relatively simple or a convoluted process?

Finding the present value of my scores on June 4, 2011. I have passed the passed!

I hope I will pass this year.

On June 4th 2011, I will exceed the CFAI required score to pass the Level 3 exam

Goodluck to all. I am passing

I will pass Level III of the CFA on June 4, 2011.

I will pass Level III of the CFA exam on June 4, 2011. Good luck to all!

I will pass CFA level 3 on June 4th 2011