I witnessed firsthand the gender imbalance in China

This is called collateral damage from a decision made by government decades ago.

Long story short (or short story long by AF standards)…

While in Beijing, I did a few touristy activities. I met some chick working in that industry. We hit it off. She speaks fluent English, follows Western culture and understands my witty jokes. We exchange contact info. We play cat and mouse for the next few days but due to scheduling conflicts don’t meet. Two days before I leave town, I invite her straight to my hotel. She goes with the flow. Things escalate and you can use your imagination for the rest. When comes time for her to leave, I ask her how she’s getting back home. Reading between the lines, there is a whole market of desperate nice guys willing to bend over backwards to please women like no where else on the planet. This chick was invited to dinner earlier by let’s call him Guy #1 before seeing me and convinced Guy #1 to drive her several miles to my hotel telling him she had a friend visiting from out of town. In the wee hours after we finished our business, she then contacts Guy #2 to pick her up from my hotel to drive her back to her parents and the poor soul accepts to get out of bed and drive several miles without getting any action in return. “They are so nice, like brothers to me” she says with a straight face and not a sign of guilt.

Dudes catering to chicks offering limousine and dinner service while other guys get all the reward by investing nothing happens everywhere. But it’s at another level (bigly) there. It’s business as usual for the millennial generation of females in China. That’s the only environment they seem to have known.

I almost felt like going down with her to see the victim’s face but I spent the little energy I had left that day pounding her so I flossed and brushed my teeth and went straight to bed.

Nice. I have lots of similar stories from back in the day, but they are all too X-rated for AF.

PA is a chick?


Sounds like a successful trip. I genuinely enjoy being able to organize my fap file by continent.

If anyone else had told this story, it would have gotten the “never happed” stamp… but since it is FT, it’s taken as fact.

Quite an accomplishment, dude.

FT you’re a true Charisma Man in Asia


Supply and Demand.

I don’t know how you do it but you just seem to get weirder and creepier.

CvM would say congratulations little cubbie.

I think the more salient point to the story is that Chinese chicks like foreign men, especially the ones from the US.

FT = Blake, theory confirmed Up next JDV = S2000


Really? I have a Chinese friend, she is simply flummoxed at the unwanted and creepy attention she receives from White guys who have a fetish for Oriental women.

Holy Crap! 2 out of 645 million Chinese females have different views on American men. Something is clearly wrong with the results of this study.

I dunno bruv, if a sample size of one is enough for a conclusion on the gender-imbalance dynamics I’d say we’re as robust as possible :wink:

When I lived in China (Nanjing and Beijing), if some Euro looking people and I went to a club we were basically treated as celebrities. We would walk down the street and local people would stop and point sometimes and ask to have their picture with us. This was in 2000 though, literal skyscrapers next to narrow alley huts with chickens in the street. So, just when things really started to boom. Before they put a Starbucks in the Forbidden City. I’m sure things are much different now.

Several side notes.

MDL, it would have to be a Chinese friend that lives in China and has not lived abroad. I would think even a short stint abroad would eliminate the “spell”. In general, foreign accents and foreigners are highly attractive to the opposite sex across most countries. Links back to instincts designed to ensure the spread of genes beyond local gene pools. And well, it’s something different.

More generally, the generally accepted principal by researchers lately is that the gender imbalance in China is not as significant as previously thought (but still large). For awhile, they have been puzzled by large statistical imbalances that have not been observed in every day occurrence. One of the initial researches had an epiphany when talking to a local father about another topic and he introduced the researcher to his two daughters, referring to the second one as his “invisible daughter”. The researcher realized that the one child policy was largely enforced by officials at the local level who were deeply engrained with their communities, but had a requirement to enforce the policy. The result is largely a significant undocumented population.


Why do White people think everything is about them being White? I’m genuinely curious, I’m not White nor Oriental and when I went to China I too was stopped by rural folk and asked for pictures and it’s happened to a fair few people who look like me from different parts of the world. We don’t go telling the world it’s cause of our skin color.

This phenomenon is doubly noticed on the backpacking trail, I was in BKK and these White guys were barrel dipping with poor rural girls who were obviously looking for a mark or someone to ‘sponsor’ them for a week and these guys would think they’re hot shit while simultaneously getting blown away by the classy chicks in upper-tier nightclubs. Me and my Chilean friend found this most amusing.

you flossed after? im lazily brushing my teeth and passing out. Props to you on that, your dentist must be proud