If CFA level 3 Mock representative of actual exam

I have just finished the AM session of CFA Boston Society level 3 Mock, I did not like it at all, Do you guys think if the Mock in this case is representative of actual exam???

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Not remotely.

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In what way?

Sent you a PM.

Thank you Magician, I’m glad that I did your mocks first.
myself recently tried another provider’s mock, no error but impossible to finish, besides, like most other mocks it has paragraphs of guideline answers which to me has no real value.

Why not?

Sent you a PM.

I would like to know as well. The structure of the exam just seemed…very convoluted.

i would like to know as well.
not quite happy with the mock as compared to level 1 & 2

+1 if possible! Thank you!

Hi, please let me know as well about the Level 3 mock. why is it not representative of the exam. thanks

Hi Bill , i would like to know as well.

Hey Bill are you able to provide any clarity on this?

Hello Bill, would like to know as well.

Well, me too Bill, I was the one who wrote the post haha,

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Based on a response of “Not remotely”, should I assume it will be a complete waste of my Wednesday morning to take it then?

That’s how I would consider it.

Bill - sorry I would like to know as well if possible. Thanks

Would like some clarity on this as well. In what way is an official mock (endorsed by CFAI) not representative of the exam CFAI plans to conduct? I get that it might differ in difficulty but surely it is remotely similar.

Hi, I would love some clarity on this also as I really struggled with the Boston CFA mock