If Gronk had any pride left, he would retire...

…because he’s the featured player on the new Madden cover.


Now, Jason Witten definitely has the advantage.

I’m sure you meant Travis Kelce has the advantage.

I would certainly take Kelce over Witten now. Witten obviously has had the better career.

Remember the time when Greenie said he’d rather have Witten than Gronk. LMFAO.

Really, what more could happen to Gronk that already hasn’t injury wise? His college and pro career have been absolutely flush with devastating injuries and he still produces at a level never seen before at the position. He’s played like one full healthy season and is pretty much regarded as the most dominant TE ever.

Before short sleeve button up fatties from Texas or KC get their panties in a bunch I’m not talking in terms of longevity, so let it go.

Please don’t ever compare my sense of fashion to Greenie’s.

Who would rather have Gronk than Witten this weekend?

Remember–the best ability is avail-ability, which Gronk has none.

Greg Olson (sp?) FTW!!!

I agree it would be nice to have a guy that you didn’t ever have to worry about missing a game (more on this later*), but come on dude, when has “the greatest ever” conversation ever been about injuries? It’s not like Gronk has missed an excessive amount of games. He’s been in the league six seasons and played in 80 regular season games out of a possible 96. 83% while sustaining multiple serious injuries is actually better than even I thought it was going to be.

*The reason Gronk gets hurt so much is because the only way to get him down is by going low and taking out his knees (aka the reason he missed 9 games in 2013). How hard was it to tackle Jason Witten for defenders? Because of Gronk’s dominance the Patriots treat him with a lot more care than NFL teams would treat an average player. I’m 100% sure he could play and be effective this week but why risk it in a non-conference road game?

Their Super Bowl chances rest on his health.

Could you ever say that about Jason Witten? Well I guess you can’t answer that. He never even played in an NFC Championship game :frowning:

my boy black unicorn gonna ball out

Does it really matter WHY he misses games? The point is… he misses games.

And the Patriots are taking such good care of him that…he’s missing a game.

And a loss on a non-conference road game is…a loss. Just like a home loss to a conference opponent.

Yes, to your original argument, it matters why. It’s what makes him better than Jason Witten.

Clearly you have no idea how tiebreakers work, which have come into play virtually every season in the NFL in one form or another.

What good is availability if your team can’t win even when you’re in the lineup week in and week out.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the best ability is ability.

So Witten caught 9 passes for 66 yards (albeit in a losing effort)

Anybody care to tell me how many Gronk caught?


Seriously though, lets base our entire thought process around a single game. Moreover, I will concede your point. The only game Witten could be favorably compared to Gronk would be a game when Gronk didn’t play.

So let me get this straight–Witten catches a ball, gets tackled, and never misses a game.

Gronk catches a ball, gets tackled, and misses ~3 games per season. And this makes him better than Witten?

I’m not denying the fact that Gronk > Witten right now. I’m also not debating that Gronk’s future > Witten’s future. But I’m willing to bet that Jason Witten has a better career than Gronk, and at the end of all days, he will be ranked higher on the list of greatest TE’s ever than Gronk.

Through today, Jason Witten has played 208 games and only missed one. He has over 1,000 catches for over 11,000 yards and 60 TD’s. His stat line is second only to Tony Gonzalez. And that doesn’t include the immeasurables, like blocking ability and leadership, both of which Witten excels at. (To be fair, I don’t know how good Gronk is at blocking, but he’s been quite a distraction to his team as well.)

Gronk is already above Witten. Already, and he’s only 26. How do you not understand this?

Gronk has half as many seasons and like 40% of the games but already has more touchdowns… and super bowls.