If Lionel Messi had any pride left he would retire

Nope, just kidding!

All these threads just make the original one that much more special.


Tennis federation should bankroll Fed for 20m a year, because when he retires. no one will watch the sport anymore

I heard the same nonsense when Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky retired.

The graveyards are full of indispensable men.

Anymore? People watch tennis as it is?

Whilst I’ll support literally any team that is playing against the English national side, for what ever reason I support their club teams when they’re playing in Europe. It’s a very familiar sinking feeling seeing Messi ripping them apart before calmly stroking the ball into the net.

What a goal that was though, I loved how he got the ball in the box, dummied a shot, rolled the ball with his studs and then delayed delayed delayed and just dinked it over Cech.

Best footballer that will ever grace this planet. Right at the top of my bucket list is to see him play live.


Anybody seen the penalty trick against Vigo? Man!!

^ that was cheeky. much smoother than the Pires Henry debacle!

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/35744036 Good to see that Nigerians are as fervent with their Messi v Ronaldo chat in real life as they are over facebook. The article should really say who was arguing for who so we can judge if the glassing was reasonable or not

That is a great quote that I had not heard before. I had to Google it since I was pretty sure you did not coin it.

It’s really GAAAAY that Atletico has to play Barca. That should be a final… Who to pull for now…

^ Firstly, you’re better than that.

But back to the football. Atleti could beat Barca, Arsenal certainly had their chances against them and a better team could do it over 2 legs. Man City are out before the games are even played as they’ll be without Hart, Kompany, De Bruyne et al probably Sterling as well but he’s not that important.


^ Spanish girls are so prissy

Fair enough. A disappointing game for Messi.

He was pretty anonymous, I can’t remember the last time I watched a Barcelona side that was so totally devoid of ideas. Atleti played well, particularly when they pressed high in the 1st half but the further it got into the 2nd half they were dropping deeper and deeper but Barca just had nothing to offer going forward.

Interesting result for Man City too. PSG flatter to deceive but don’t have the backbone to dig in when it matters. I don’t think they ever will when they’re walking away with the french league without any proper competition. In both legs they ran out of gas mid way through the 2nd half.

De Bruyne is pure class though. I reckon Man City would have made a proper title push if he was fit throughout the season.

Can’t wait to see Leicster at the Nou Camp next year pumping Barca

Ha ha, my friend is getting married to a girl from Barcelona soon and since I’ve heard the opposite I’m expecting an epic week. I’ve been reliably told Mallocra is the place to avoid with it’s infestation of the bloody English. Btw, good to see a familar name, I see you’ve made a move to Yankee land? My condolences mate ;).

Anyone catch yest. game? Crazy, what is it about Anfield and Europe that produces these epics?

Atletico stuffing Barcelona was mesmerizing, mad team, If there’s anyone that can beat Bayern it’s them.

A speical mention to the boys from the wrong side of the tracks though. Leicester fucking city.

If they actually pull it off, it will be without doubt the greatest sporting achievement in history and it couldn’t have happened to someone better than an absolute gent like Ranieri

How is Tottenham a Top 2 team in England? These guys are jokers. Watching them play Stoke.

EDIT: n/m what I said above. Still couldn’t touch Spain’s Top 3.

Thanks mate, the ones in the cities aren’t so bad…

You’ll love Barcelona, the place is amazing. Don’t go to Mallorca, Benidorm or the Costa del Sol, other than that, you should be alright anywhere else. I like San Sebastian a lot.

I missed the Liverpool game, sounded like an amazing contest. Surely they’ve got to win it now.

Pretty weird season in England this year. Spurs are a good side though, and they can do it on a cold wet night in Stoke

Gap down to 5 points now and no Vardy for probably 3 games. It’s going to be tight.